Saturday, 31 October 2009


A free release tune from Congorock and Crookers:

Congorock & Crookers - Sbombers

Enjoy... happy halloween ;)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Acid Crunk

Just copped this huge release on beatport.. and it dosn't dissapoint ! Some really filthy stuff on here, love it.

Here's a few samples of what's on it.

Datsik - Southpaw (Promo Clip)

This one is raw, after the sample it drops into some dirty wobbles and low glitchy sounds.. would send you skankin' for sure.

Marty Party - Gangsteppin (Promo Clip)

This one's more of a straight up wobbler, but just as good, keeping to the hard sound of the other tunes on the compilation.

A couple of other tunes to check out on the album are "King Prawn" and "Foolish Silence", both heavy.

Cop this HERE for 10 full length, full quality, massive tunes !

Enjoy, and big up Acid Crunk Vol. 2

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Just Gets Better

I did a post a little while ago about an anonymous producer, SBTRKT.

He's causin quite a stir in the scene, and you can see why with this remix. It takes the Garage classic and tears it apart, check it out.

-Link Removed-


You've Got The Love

Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love (The XX Remix)

The XX are a new pop punk band straight outta South London who have been getting a lot of praise form big dubstep artists, Skream being one of them. Here's there remix of Florence & The Machine's cover of the classic 'You've Got The Love'. Nice and mellow, definitely one for the sunday morning crew.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Eyes on Fire

Zeds Dead are back with a heaaavvvyy remix

Loving the amazing vocals over this heavy bass, really love this sound.

Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

Enjoy, this ones massive

Thursday, 22 October 2009


TZR has just dropped his EP "The Haunted" last week, and it is seriously deep..

1. No Dominion - TZR & Grym
2. The Haunted - TZR & Dubtek
3. Airlock - TZR & Press
4. Stealth - TZR
5. Fifth Column - TZR
6. Shinjuku - TZR

And there's a bonus tune which is up for download in 320, which is always good.

This one's deep but packs some proper low bass, relaxing vocals and some trippy synths, it's one you can sit back and chill to for sure..

I Can't Say Goodbye - French Affair (TZR Bootleg)


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another Way

New one from Netsky, I can't get enough of his tunes.

And here's a fresh one Johnny Global sent over, his new one "Another Way". Really feeling this one, in my opinion one of his best productions. I'll give him your responses to feel free to give your opinions on this one.

Johnny Global - Another Way


I Need You

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Graphics - I Need You

It seems each track I post from graphics is simply better than the previous. This one is definitely more for the sunday morning crew, nice and mellow. Cop the exclusive right here and check his Myspace as well !

Monday, 19 October 2009

Try Humanity


One of the more elusive producer's in dubstep, Zomby has just dropped his remix of Try Humanity. Sticking to his gloopy style, he chops this one up nicely, whilst keeping the original essence of the tune. Keep watch on his Myspace for info on his next EP, a couple of the tracks are up there, so head over and take a listen !

Introducing: Johnny Global

Heard one of this guys tunes in a DnB competition, and had to get in contact.

Johnny Global is a DnB / Dubstep producer hailing from Birmingham UK.

Here's 4 bangers from him:

Johnny Global - Biohazard

This one's a tune, this is the first one I heard from him, and the drop is something else, really heavy one.

Johnny Global - Gunbreak

Johnny Global - The Nightmare

Don't bother getting The Nightmare unless you got a fat sub or some decent headphones, this one's really deep and bassy, much more chilled out than the other two.

Here's one of his Dubstep tunes which I'm really feelin', some really weird glitchy sounding synths in here, it's dope.

Johnny Global - Turbo Time

Johnny Global is gonna be one I'm deffinately gonna keep my eyes on, watch this space for more of him in the future. Show some support over at the myspace.

Enjoy.. and big up Johnny Global

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Getting Better

Heard this remix of Darren Styles "Getting Better" by Elliott M & Special Features, it's good and even better it's on free download !

I really like it, could maybe be a bit bassier, but it's decent how it is. The vocals are true to the original, and you can really hear the original tune, unlike a lot of remixes which just drop into some bass which is completely different from the original tune.

Darren Styles - Getting Better (Elliott M & Special Features Remix)


Friday, 16 October 2009

Stars Get Down

New tune coming on Hospital Records.

This tune is sick, it's coming on the "Future Sound Of Russia" Compilation which drops on the 16/11/09. The video is jokes as well so thought I'd post it

A Secret

Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Shorterz Midget Rework)

Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Sorterz & Enigma Remix)

After the massive success of the first release, Bigger Than Barry Records has just announced the second. This time its local birmingham band The Scarlet Harlots' new tune, A Secret. Check out these two remixes, the first being minimal fidget house, and the second being a wobbly dubstep refix. Although only young, I can see this label going a long way in the coming months, keep watch !

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Got listening to the free album from Phaeleh, decided to purchase the 320 version, and it was so worth it !

Realllly deep, can't get any more relaxed than this. Euphoric vibes..

Here's the link to the free 128 album, but I really reccomend getting it in 320, you can notice the difference. Cop the 320 version here.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jeuce Rework)

Upon first seeing 'Ellie Goulding' as the artist I knew i simply had to listen. After Jakwob's massive edit of Starry Eyes, I was curious whether this seemingly unheard of producer 'Jeuce' would be able to top it. He has done a fantastic job of chopping up this beautiful vocal sample and laying it over a deep bassline, take a listen and check out his myspace !

Sub Focus

Here's a tune Sub Focus has made avaliable for free in full, at 320 !

Sub Focus - Smooth


Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Just a quick one. Heard this one over at Circus Records myspace and had to get it on here... its a 2 min cut, cop the full release at any good download store.

Forthcoming on CR004

Link removed -


Shot Colla

Heard this deeeep new one from Orbatak, only got a promo clip for you but be sure to cop the full track.

Orbatak - Shot Colla (Clip)

Orbatak are killing the production lately, "Machete" was an absolute banger and now this, show some support at their myspace.

Monday, 12 October 2009

The Telegram

Graphics - The Telegram

Yet another amazing track from Graphics, this time he seems to be on a 'gloopy' tip, with basslines sounding like the legendary Zomby. Nice and mellow, with a deep wobble running throughout, turn the sub up !


Just saw this post over at the Fabric website, that includes a free track, so putting up the links here.

It's an interview with the anonymous producer SBTRKT, about his interests, productions and DJ'ing.

Heres the link for the interview.

Heres the download link for the track.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Been listening to a lot of deep DnB lately, and this is one of my favourite tunes of the moment..

BULB is producing some really deep atmospheric tunes, be sure to check it out. The On The Edge remix is amazing as well. You can get this now on Juno Download, as part of the On the Edge EP.


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Caspa Fabric Promo Mix

Caspa - Fabric Promo Mix

Originally recorded for Mista Jam's BBC 1Extra show, Caspa's latest promo mix is now being used by Fabric. To celebrate Fabric's 10th birthday, the Dub Police are taking over on October 15th, sure to be a big one, but for now take a listen to this mix!

Caspa - Ready Eddy (Sub Soldiers)
Trolley Snatcha - Circle K (Dub Police)
Trolley Snatcha - We Rock The Forest (Dub Police)
Subscape - Clear My Throat (Dub Police)
The Others - Puppet Walk (Dub Police)
Dr P - Badman Sound (Dub Police)
Caspa - Terminator (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa - Terminator (Trolley Snatcha Remix) (Sub Soldiers)
Emalkay - When I Look at You (Dub Police)
Trolley Snatcha - Scattah (Dub Police)
Kid Sister - Right Hand High (Caspa Remix) (Fools Gold)
The Others – Gravity (Dub Police)
Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (Caspa Remix) (Mau5trap)

No Escape

Just got linked to a clip of one upcoming from Rottun, and as you would expect from Excision and Datsik it's filthy, and absolutely sick!

Excision - No Escape (Datsik Remix) (Clip)

Probably one of my favourite harder tunes lately, this is a must have for all the dub heads!

Watch out for the full release in the future, keep an eye on the myspaces:



Friday, 9 October 2009

Eyes Down

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Skream's Eyes Down Tribal Remix)

Spied this on Dub Forums earlier today, the 4th recent free tune from Skream. Whilst it's not as good as some of his previous remixes, it's still worth a listen. Cop it here first !

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Night By Night

Chromeo - Night By Night (Skreamix)

Yet another magical remix by the 'ambassador' Skream. This has had a little bit of airplay, mainly Radio 1, and now Skream has decided to give the 320 away for free, so enjoy !

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Could This Be Real

Just a short one, heard this fruity one from Sub Focus upcoming album.

Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (LOW QUAL PROMO CLIP)

I like it, but might not be for everyone, but im looking forward to the album.


UNTITLED SEPTEMBER 2009 from An Overdose Of Awesomeness on Vimeo.

Just got this through on email, whilst the event itself looked pretty intense, I personally am more interested in the background tune. This is the new on from The Others, called 'Gravity' which isn't even on their myspace. Hold tight AOOA on the hook up.

One More Time

Daft Punk - One More Time (George Lenton Refix)

Possibly one of the greatest electronic artists of all time, Daft Punk, have recently had some of their tunes re-mixed and re-fixed into the genre of choice. This time it's up & coming dubstep producer George Lenton's turn. Expect dark wobbles and choppy vocals in this one !

Bat For Lashes - Pearls Dream (Skream's Pour Another Glass Of Champers Remix)

First heard this one a couple of months back on Skream 'Stella Session' rinse fm show, now finally it's been released. Simply a beautiful remix, slow and melodic, showcasing exaclty what Skream is capable of. Personally I cannot wait for his album to drop, hopefully filled with a lot more tunes like this.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I Heart U

Sometimes you need some tunes to sit back and relax..

A new one from Well Being, forthcoming on Influenza Media.

Great basslines.. really melodic tune, I love it.

Well Being - I Heart You (Removed at artist's request)


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Ganja Plant

This is a clip of an upcoming one from Dub Zero which is filthy as fuck...

Dub Zero - Ganja Plant (clip)

I am so looking forward to the full release of that one !