Monday, 19 October 2009

Introducing: Johnny Global

Heard one of this guys tunes in a DnB competition, and had to get in contact.

Johnny Global is a DnB / Dubstep producer hailing from Birmingham UK.

Here's 4 bangers from him:

Johnny Global - Biohazard

This one's a tune, this is the first one I heard from him, and the drop is something else, really heavy one.

Johnny Global - Gunbreak

Johnny Global - The Nightmare

Don't bother getting The Nightmare unless you got a fat sub or some decent headphones, this one's really deep and bassy, much more chilled out than the other two.

Here's one of his Dubstep tunes which I'm really feelin', some really weird glitchy sounding synths in here, it's dope.

Johnny Global - Turbo Time

Johnny Global is gonna be one I'm deffinately gonna keep my eyes on, watch this space for more of him in the future. Show some support over at the myspace.

Enjoy.. and big up Johnny Global

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