Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Interview: Rollz

If you have been out to any DnB lately, you probably would have heard some of Rollz beats tearing the place up! After being a fan for a little while, and seeing his tunes get better and better, we are pleased to present an interview with the DnB heavyweight... Rollz!

GYD: So first up, how's things in the world of Rollz?

Rollz: Good good, nye rush over, now back to the studio to keep things moving!

GYD: How long have you been listening to electronic music for, and was it always DnB you loved, or did you start off with something else?

Rollz: I've always loved electronic music, ever since I can remember buying cds. I used to listen to it all really, garage, hardcore, trance, hard house and the sorts, although it was only when I stumbled into one of Fabio and Grooverider's nights at the end as an underage raver I got the DnB bug!

GYD: So when did you start producing your own beats, and what really influenced you to start adding to the scene in your own way?

Rollz: I've been producing seriously (we're talking everyday business) for about three years, but I’ve been playing about for longer. I just used to find my self always thinking up ideas for tunes and remixes, and some of the drum and bass coming out at the time was really inspiring to me.

GYD: You're getting a lot of attention at the moment, especially getting 'Plugged In' rinsed by loads of big DJ's, and being played on Radio 1 by Grooverider. How does that feel, really getting your tunes off the ground?

Rollz: Yea its great to finally come out the other side, I've been keeping my head down working hard on the engineering side of things recently and really didn’t know what to expect when we sent my first few bits out to djs. I find I get really critical about my beats and it's great to get a few signs your on the right track (I didn't want to send plugged in out!). You're your own worst critic and I didn't want people to hear my music until It was at a decent standard, but now I’m approaching that it's great to have the freedom to be actually able to write what you want without the engineering side of things holding you back. With respect to Plugged in and the media attention, its been really flattering and I can't believe some of the radio 1 djs that have picked it up, but it's only one tune and the pressure's on now to make sure the next release builds on this!

GYD: Who influences you, production wise in Drum n Bass?

Rollz: I can honestly say that I’ve been influenced by all the big hitters at some time or another in Drum and Bass, but I like to listen to all sorts of electronic music so that must have influenced me as well. I like to write the whole spectrum of drum and bass, from liquid to dancefloor so my influences can be quite broad at times!

GYD: Have you got any more productions in the works?, I think we are all looking for new Rollz beats to enjoy!

Rollz: I'm just getting started, but it's up to my label now when the beats get sent out. I’m sure my next batch of tracks will be floating around within the next few months!

GYD: Random one, who's you're favourite Nintendo character?

Rollz: Got to be Ryu - Huduken!!

GYD: Cheers for the interview, any final words for the readers?

Rollz: Just thanks to anyone who’s taken time out to listen to my music!

Big up to Rollz, for those who might not have heard him, here's a video of 'Plugged In' destroying Matter in London, getting dropped by High Contrast as his last tune!

Send him some love at the Myspace and Facebook! 'Plugged In' is set to get a release in Jan / Feb, so watch out for that.


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  1. Nice interview Luigi, Big Up!

    Rollz is taking off at the moment, deffo gonna be looking forward to that release.