Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Black Noise meets Breakbot

A fresh refix from my favourite electro dance crew!

this take on Breakbots "Baby Im Yours" is truely hype, full of major wobbles and electro stabs that any djs, producers and clubbers will admire!

i can only say so much about this tune and i dont wanna overchat it, decide for yourself how bangin it is!

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (Black Noise Refix) (Alt Link)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

What to do?

First thing we got is a housey number from Sean Roman aka Mutt, who you might know better for his DnB productions, but is also putting out some cool shit in other genres.. Check it out below and download for free!

Sean Roman - What to Do (Soundcloud)

Sean Roman - What to Do (download)

Our main boy Kovu comin' with somethin fresh:

Finding You - Kovu by Kovu

Finally if you are following the whole future garage sound, you will definitely wanna check out the new fundemental mixology, from Grevious Angel! Download on the soundcloud.

Mixology Four: Grievous Angel by Fundamental

Grievous Angel: Lady Dub (2step mix) (Devotional Dubz Volume 1). 2008
Grievous Angel Vs. Missy Elliott: Work It. Unreleased. 2008
Sully: Jackmans Rec (FRIJSFO BEATS FRJ005) 2009
Wascal: Know U. Unreleased? 2009
Kowton: Stasis (Keysound Recordings LDN013) 2009
Grievous Angel Vs Method Man: So High. Unreleased. 2004
Hackman: More Than Ever (Jamie Grind Remix). Unreleased. 2010
Jamie Grind: Bad Attitude (And You Know It). Unreleased. 2010
ID & Skinnz: Issues. (EARWAX EAR011). 2009
Crazy Bald Heads: First born (Four Tet remix). Unreleased. 1999
Burial: Pirates (Burial CD). 2006
Mista Men: Lengthy Riddim (Hackman remix). Bass Tourist 009. 2010
23hz & Numaestro_-_zumo_(Sully_rmx). Unreleased. 2008
Geeneus ft. Riko, Wiley and Breeze: Knife and Gun (Blackdown Garage Remix) (Keysound Recordings dubplate). 2008
Hackman: WDYGOAPHAGFY. Unreleased. 2010
Gremino: Face It (Ruff Revival dubplate) 2009
Naphta: Jungle Republic (Grievous Angel Remix) (Ruff Revival dubplate) 2010
Kuma ft Juakali: What It’s Not (Grievous Angel remix). Unreleased. 2010
Grievous Angel Vs. Jill Scott: Deeper, Wider Dub


Thursday, 23 September 2010

NastyNasty - Lazer Soul

Check this mix from dirty experimental producer 'NastyNasty' which features a bunch of his unreleased tunes, and just generally gives you an idea of his sound...

Lazer Soul by NastyNasty

Also on a garage tip, check a new bit from Control-S! Love it

Wez Clarke & Maxine Hardcastle - Walking With A Smile (Control-S Radio Edit) by Control-S

Enjoy, and keep watch for some more big mixes coming up in our own mix series!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Kazantip is a festival held every year in Ukraine, on the coast of the Black Sea. I only heard about it a few weeks ago, but its been running for long, this year was its 18th birthday!

This isn't just any old festival though, it lasts for 5-6 weeks! Crowds come from all over europe and became semi-residents of Kazantip for a whole month while some of the best DJs in the world are brought over to turn a quiet little corner of the Balklans into a full on bangin rave! The trick is, there is no line-up so you dont know who your gonna see next! Which i think is a brilliant idea as it gives audiences and opertunity to discover artists and DJs you never thought you would like. However, don't go thinking that because there is no line up to Kazantip then you dont know if its gonna be swag, think again as Kazantip have played host to Carl Cox as well as other major DJs from the Techno, Electro, Trance and House

For most of us in the UK a 6 week long party is extremely hard to contemplate, so if you've never heard of or been to Kazantip then..

Check this video:

or the website here

Friday, 17 September 2010

Tunes for the weekend!

If you like underground House music which fuses tech blips, tropical vibes and afro beats then you might have heard of Solo and Round Table Knights, they are DJs of the blog era as both Solo and RTK are constantly having their stuff passed around the blogosphere like wild fire! I wish to continue this trend with some of their latest stuff which i came across whilst browsing soundcloud!

This is a preview of Solo's recent remix of underworld's always loved a film, although its just a preview it has had great feedback and looks set to be a major banger!

Underworld - "Always loved a film " Solo Remix Preview by mrsolo

Next up a new one from Round Table Knights

Their remix of Coma Cat by Tensnake is a pure killer! packed with fruity vibes, it truely has a tropical feel!

Tensnake - Coma Cat RTK Remix by Round Table Knights


Thursday, 16 September 2010


Submerse can do no wrong right now:

Pixelord - Oh Lord 'Submerse Bio-Boost Remix' (Forthcoming Car Crash Set) by submerse

The only word to describe this track... Intense!

OVA by submerse

Also, you may have noticed the posts are a little less frequent at the moment. I've been writing the blog solo for a while now so looking for someone with a similar taste to contribute to the blog. Drop a comment or an email at gotyoudancing@gmail.com if you are interested in Deep DnB / Garage and Dubstep..



Monday, 13 September 2010

MJ Coles Drop Dub

MJ's Drop Dubb [clip] by MJ Cole

and another new bit from him:

TGV [CLIP] by MJ Cole

The full version of suddenly by Kovu and Artek is about on soundcloud: Keep watch on these heads!

Kovu & Artek - Suddenly by Kovu

I always like to post a bit of DnB too as it's the genre that really got me into electronic music. Be sure to sign up to Shogun's mailing list and gettin the free Alix Perez tune 'Self Control'


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Rinse 16th

Rinse is 16, this is gonna go off large!

Didn't just post to let you know about the event though.. they are giving out 16 free tracks in the run up to the event, with 11 already being avaliable!

Highlights so far include free tracks from Roska, N-Type, Bok Bok and more.. check it out at the link below!

Free Tracks for Rinse 16th

Enjoy, and if you are heading down to the event, have a mad one.. cause I definitely will be!

To get in the mood for it.. grab this absolute banger from skream:

Skream - Raw Dogz

Boriken Groove

Reso drops a big new track for free on the soundcloud! Havn't posted much darker harder stuff lately but thought this was definitely worth the mention:

Boriken Groove by Reso

Enjoy !

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Some updates on our boy Kovu!

We have been followin this man from day 1 and only seen him grow and grow on the producing talent, so here's what he's been up to lately:

First up, collab with Artek

Suddenly [Preview] - Kovu & Artek by Kovu

Then here's a little suttin' from Kovu on the solo tip lately, one of a few new bits upped to the soundcloud, what I'm really feeling from this producer is the fact that he's swapping up each and every track to something fresh.. and the production is still tight!

Kovu - Long Distance by Kovu

Now here's the latest remix preview.. Gold Dust is a tune that in my opinion is hard to touch, and from the intro I wasn't 100% on this one either, but give it a chance and if you are into that kinda bouncy vibe, you could well be feeling this!

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Kovu Remix) by Kovu

Finally cop the September Promo Mix on free download:

Kovu - September Promo Mix by Kovu

Big up man like Kovu... Peace

Friday, 3 September 2010

Exclusive Mix 003: Grimelock

Been busy for a while hence the lack of posts for the last week or so, but we are back with something big!

An exclusive mix from Grimelock, with an absolutely large tracklist filled with a bunch of top tracks along with some of their own exclusive productions!

Got You Dancing Mix 003 : Grimelock presents Smooth Driftin' by Grimelock

tracklist :
Grimelock feat. Rose T - My Balance (forthcoming on Eight:fx)
Scuba - You got me
Emika - Double Edge
Darkstar - Aidys girl is a computer
Dusk Creator - After the fire
Sully - Phonebox
Grimelock - Soma
Pariah - Orpheus
Dynamic feat. Bai Kamara - Home far away from home (Grimelock remix)
Guido - Beautiful complication
Ramadanman - Work Them
Blawan - Iddy
Grimelock feat Cléo - Leaving away
Foreign Beggars ft. Noisia & Devlin - No Holds Barred (Goth Trad Remix)
Science - Motion tween (forthcoming on Stainage)
Grimelock- Answer
Lung - After Life
Grimelock - Soma
Grimelock - Coprporate
Planas - Look into my eyes
Grimelock feat Dusk Creator - Floatin'
Grimelock - dELIver us

Big up the Grimelock crew, as well as MGvis for the artwork..

Peace, and keep locked!