Monday, 30 November 2009

Facebook Massive

We decided to set up a facebook page for the blog, to keep people updated on the biggest new posts and new on the latest tunes.

Add us Here.

Peace... Luigi


Been rinsing these two tunes off recently, had to share them..

First up is a remix of 'Warning' which has some proper grimey bass! I'm really likin this long grinding kinda bass at the moment, and this remix uses it to the max.. Big up to Dubjunks, where I spotted this one. Full version in reduced quality, cop the 320 here.

Prime Cuts - Warning (Eddie K Remix)

Next up we have a sick little Remix by Jayou, which gets your guard down with a chillin intro with drums that almost remind me of Jungle, and then in comes that dark and gritty sound to make it his own. Again in reduced quality, this one isn't that new but it's deffinately still heavy. Send some love over at his myspace.



Sunday, 29 November 2009


Probably my fav dnB tune of 2009, although not that new..


Saturday, 28 November 2009


Got two remixes today..

First up Spor have got their filthy hands on one of hadoukens tracks, in my opinion making it much better than the original with their signature darkstyle DnB sound. This is a free 320 d/l.

Hadouken - Lights Out (Spor Remix)

Secondly is the Crystal Clear remix of Netsky's "Come back home". With a heavier, grimy sound, I don't think this tops the original but it's deffinately still big. Sorry for the poor quality as this one's out of a mix. Big up to Netsky who is now signed to Hospital Records, a big step up in the game for him.

Netsky - Come Back Home (Crystal Clear Remix)


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One For The Metal Headz

This is one of the most innovative tunes i have ever come by. Never before did i think i would ever see a heavy metal tune jacked up to this magnitude. This one is a beast, it keeps the eerie, uneasy whining and the thunder during the build-up and then thrusts the original guitar riff followed by some megga jackin' straight into your bewildered face. I used to be a metal head i must admit, i remember coppin this tune on CD! How things change.
Incase you aint noticed, the name of the tune is slightly different to what Slayer originally called it, dunno why this is but this could be the closest I'll ever get to an intense remix of Slayer so for now lets just low it and ENJOY!

FnDannyBoy - Raining Blood

Get Hype Collective

Get Hype Collective - Promo Mix

Got the heads up about this from friend of the blog Jeuce who featured on here a little while back. This is a mix from him and a few fellow dj's, combining dubstep and electro, and featuring a lot of their own remixes. The Get Hype Collective is :

Jeuce / Jeuce Joyriders ( - Making a name for themselves as an Electro/Dubstep Live Act, Remix Artist and DJ’s; constantly producing Original Tracks and Official Remix’s.

Toast ( – A Dubstep duo with a creative blend of out of the box bass lines and samples, giving the Dubstep scene a unique twist of originality.

Yoghurt Warrior / DJ Sharkbait ( – A Clothing Label aiming to capture the slime, grit and grime of the underground music scene whilst playing a range of bass heavy music behind the decks. Yogurt Warriors Big Cartel.

Pond Life ( – A Producer with an experimental style floating somewhere between Dubstep and 4X4 Beats, rapidly gaining popularity with his warped and robotic bass sounds.

Dave Verne ( – Bringing fresh city beats to sub urban areas as an up and coming DJ and Clubnight Promoter.

This looks to be a promising crew, hopefully they'll be playing around the country fairly soon, in the mean time take a listen to this mix, and check out their myspaces and blogs for a taster of what each individual member is about.


Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Jeuce Rework)

Pond Life – Obsidian

Toast – Only One

Toast - Trouble

Synth Girl - Hurricane (Jeuce Rework)

Pond Life – Rinsed Out Rasta

Jacob Plant – Basslines In (Jeuce Rework) / Toast - Bag

Pond Life – Diamond Girl

Toast – Daft Step

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Jeuce Rework)

Pond Life - Creep

Robot Disaster – Boy (Jeuce Rework)

Rafffertie – Antisocial (Toast remix)

Toast - Capsule

Pond Life – Space Marines

Toast - bag

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Royal Rumble

It's gonna be a pretty filthy post today..

First up we got the new exclusive from Johnny Global, a huge DnB tune, not your usual jump up banger, but with his signature sound, with those high notes and dark feeling sound, in my opinion one of his best productions..

Johnny Global - Royal Rumble

Next up we have an absolutely disgusting dub remix, starting off with your eerie piano music, before dropping into something that's probably gonna kill you if you turn the volume up too loud.

Horse The Band - Rape Escape (DMNDAYS Remix)

And finally a straight Jump up DnB tune, if this dosn't get you shockin out I don't know what will.. From a talented but unsigned producer Milowy, send him some support at the myspace.

Milowy - Joka

Enjoy the filth...

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I Don't Smoke Tha Reefa !

Everyone knows the oldschool garage beat "I Don't Smoke" and recently dropped is the 2009 remix pack. Featuring DnB / Dubstep / Breaks and Electro House remixes, this is definately not one to be missed.

You can cop it HERE, as well as listening to previews of all the other remixes. Be sure to check out the Crissy Criss dub remix as well as the Electro house remix which is a banger. This remix is a proper wobbler, love it.

Also keep watch for a new Johnny Global bit comin soon...

Saturday, 21 November 2009


First up is a chilled but dark remix, with some eerie synths and vocals to start, before a deep and dark drop, this one released for free in full.

Drift ft. Indi Kaur (Demon Remix) - A Bridge Far Away

Also another free download from Marlow, I did a post on him a little while ago. This one's massive, Marlow is deffinately one of my favourite Dub producers of the moment. Big up to The Fat Club for this one.

Marlow - Wot I Say

Finally just been listening to this tune.. not what we usually post and not that new, but a big one none the less:


Thursday, 19 November 2009


Skream - What Did He Say

Yet another free Skream tune I hear you ask? This one got release by Rinse Fm yesterday, in full 320 quality. Already had quite a lot of airplay from various dj's in mixes and radio shows, this track has proved itself to be a sturdy banger. Catch Skream and nearly every other Dubstep dj playing at FWD>>+Rinse at Matter this friday, ift's going to be a big one!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Reso Guest Mix

Just spotted this mix over at the fat club, and I'm loving it. It's Reso's guest mix for Rusko, on his show for BBC 1Xtras 'In new DJ's we trust' show. Filled with dark vibes and some raw sounding bass, here's the download and tracklist.

Reso Guest Mix - BBC 1Xtra 'In New DJ's We Trust'

1. Breakage — Higher
2. Instra:mental — No Future (Skreamix)
3. 16 Bit — Swine Flu
4. Reso – Armored Core
5. Foreign Beggars — Get A Bit More (Skism Remix)
6. emalkay — Metropolis
7. Toasty — Dibble
8. Synkro — Lost For Words
9. Breakage — Rain
10. Drop the Lime — Set Me Free (Reso Remix)
11. Instra:mental — Tramma
12. Reso — Tik Tak
13. Boabinga — Wang It feat I.D
14. Marcus Visionary — Left Foot Skank
15. 501 — Short Circuit
16. Reso — Beasts Vip
17. Two Fingers Feat Sway — That Girl (Spor Remix)
18. Reso — Mind Games


Monday, 16 November 2009

Solid State

Got another one from upcoming DnB producer Rollz. He's really coming out with some massive productions lately, 'Plugged In' and this one 'Solid State' show hes shaping up to maybe be a big player in the DnB scene. You can cop it on Vinyl here.

Next up got a sample of two new remixes from Sub Focus, not sure what to make of these. Both are decent remixes, but pretty commercial.

Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (Sub Focus Remix) [Cut]

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Sub Focus Remix) [Cut]

We are the People is a decent remix, but to me it just sounds like Sub Focus has jumped on the bandwagon of warping mids as the background to a tune, similar to the sound Netsky is on at the moment.

You can bag both these remixes at DnB Arena.

Edit: Just heard breakage has done a remix for David Guetta, can't wait to hear that.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

DJ Zinc Essential!

This is one solid mix with more bangers than a fuckin' butchers. I can't really describe this mix as it is too good for words. Lets just say Zinc is able to pick up any genre be it dubstep, drum and bass or house and make it look like he's been spinning it since day. He also has a tendancy to give a little back to each chosen genre as you will surely spot many a cheeky zinc edits on all manor of tunes whilst listening to this. So without further a do here it is..

DJ Zinc - Essential_Mix-SAT-11-13-2009

Don't be scared to comment on this post and let me know what you think of this one!

For full tracklist click HERE


It's Sunday.. just woke up and want some relaxing beats.

Decem - Lost Wings

An unreleased tune from Decem, a liquid producer from Slovakia, who is coming out with amazing beats. This ones got a super peaceful vibe about it, just the kinda thing you want to chill out to.



Florence and The Machine - You've Got The Love (Graphics Remix)

Graphics Minimix by Graphics

This kid can do no wrong it seems, all his remixes to date have been killer, and this one is no exception. Sticking to his minimal mellow style, he chops this one up good and proper. Also check out his mini-mix, fluid mixing throughout and a nice track selection. You can also become a fan of him on facebook, and keep watch for an exclusive mix from him coming soon !

Friday, 13 November 2009

Introducing: Reas

Reas - Subliminal

I got sent this track by a seemingly unknown producer Reas, or Oscar Saunders as he's known by his mum. Only 17, he's already produced some heavy tunes, and played out alongside quite a few big names at local gigs around his hometown of Epsom. This one is a definite banger, dark wobbling basslines, and a little Derren Brown sample before the last heavy drop, and not to forget, its an exclusive for us. Check Reas on Myspace and Facebook, and keep watch for future tracks from him !

Love is

Just heard this tune, thought it was a big one. It's kinda DnB / Breaks, with a choppy little vocal and an unexpected bass. Ultima C is a Breakbeat / Drum n Bass producer from the Czech Republic, and by the tunes I've heard so far im pretty impressed. If you like liquid DnB, check out his myspace for some really sweet tunes.

Monoriders - Love is (Ultima C Remix)


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dannie Darko - Drunk Junk

This isn't the first post I've done about Dannie Darko, posted a couple of his other tunes before, and this time we've got his large new beat for you, Drunk Junk. If you like a wobble, this one's for you. Cop it here exclusive.

Dannie Darko - Drunk Junk


Dublilss Nipplestep - EXCLUSIVE

I don't know what they are feeding producers over in South Africa, whatever it is though i want a slice, this tune is absolutely massive. I was sceptical about posting this for a couple of reasons, its fast, its very choppy and its very different, literally like nothing i'd ever heard before. This tune exceeds all boundaries of genre and style, its like dubstep on coke, and its fucking brilliant. Not to mention the sample is absolutely epic. Big up to my man Dre Fedele for sending this one over. Another reason i've decided to post this one is because this producer needs to be hyped and if they can't be bigged up at, where can they be?

Don't forget, this is an exclusive one, do NOT miss out on this sucka.

Dublilss Nipplestep - Requiem For A Dub

Turn the sub up and draw for the gun fingaaazzz

I Give You Everything

Simply beautiful, one of Skream's new productions taken from the forthcoming album "I'm Outside The Box". The hype for it is already unbelievable, one of the most anticipated albums in dubstep ever. Get hype !


Just a quick post..

First up a deeep dubstep tune from Marlow, long been out of press and now he's decided to release it in 320 for free ! I reallly like the sound of this one, big up Marlow.

Marlow - Scum

Next a clip of the first release from Dubsaw Rec. called "Rotary" this is dark. Big things to come from them I think.

Suspect & Switchdubs - Rotary


Will Bailey!

For me this man is one of the biggest things to come out of Birmingham for a long time. He's been remixed by the likes of The Bulgarian, Aniki and Gigi Borocco. His tunes are fast, furious and full of wobble. I have a selection of some of his new tunes but i would seriously recommend checking his old stuff too. Unlike many other artists Will Bailey has a certain consistency which never gets old for me.

I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as i do, and show him some love at





lots of love,
Donkey Kong

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jackin' The Ripper

Greg Sutton - Jackin' The Ripper Mix

Recently got sent this filthy fidget house mix by Birmingham local Greg Sutton. Literally jam packed with wobbly basslines and glitchy synths, this is definitely not one to chill down to.

Here's a small clip from the last Night Slugs aswell. The latest remix by London's finest L-Vis 1990, and it maybe the one tune I'm looking forward to owning the most. Gutter house is definitely on the rise, and L-vis and BokBok will be at the forefront when it does.


Got a couple of tunes to share today, first up a huuuge dnb tune by Rollz, probably one of my favourite dnb tunes of the moment, only got a clip from the Drum & Bass Arena Podcast , but you can get the general idea, don't under estimate how heavy that bass would be on a big system!

Rollz - Plugged In

Next, Mr Vega has just dropped his new tune "I Came To, You Came To" along with 3 remixes. The one we have here is the Udy remix, which chops it to peices and adds something of their own. Big! You can cop the 4 tunes HERE in 320, or most good download sites.

Mr. Vega - I Came To, You Came To (Udy Remix)

Finally we got a chilled dubstep remix of Ellie Gouldings "Under The Sheets" by Pariah. We posted another remix of this tune a while ago, but those vocals are great and as this is being given out for free in 320, over at the Neon Gold blog, I had to repost !

Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Pariah Remix)


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I'm Ready

Safe all, i am the new addition to the crew, Donkey Kong. I was wondering how i would start myself off and i thought i need a killer tune to announce my arrival. Well here it is, Ready for The Fight (Black Noise Destroy The Disco Edit) taken from the Hed Kandi Presents Destroy The Disco compilation CD. Let me be honest, this tune isnt the fattest wobbler about, nor does it have a bone crushing drop, this one is a chiller which blends a bit of hip hop, alot of house, and a cheeky bit of wonky bass.

Ready for The Fight (Black Noise Destroy The Disco Edit)-The Young Punx Feat. Count Bass D

Monday, 9 November 2009

Skank Out

Micky Slim - Skank Out (Kovu Refix)

As promised, here is the latest remix by the seemingly unknown producer, Kovu. Keeping the original essence of the tune, he chops and changes the vocals over a warping bassline. His remixes are getting better each time, he's making some serious progress. Check out the exclusive 320 here first, and keep watch for more in the near future !

Lobster Boy

Redlight - Showcase Mix

Redlight, Dj Clipz's new alias, has been making big movements in the fidget and dubstep scene. With massive support from nearly every artist you can think of, Redlight is definitely moving up. This is his Showcase Mix, hence the name, it features all the new tunes from his EP and a few others, cop it here first !
Also hold tight the new member of the crew, Donley Kong, comin' straight out the jungle !


Just heard this tune, had never heard of the artist before, and what can I say.. deep liquid tune!


Can't beleive this shit isn't signed, amazing track.


PS. Welcome to Donkey Kong, our new writer on the blog.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Dannie Darko

If you havn't heard the tunes this guys puttin out before, you are seriously missin out. Mixture of chilled and filthy ones on his soundcloud, heres a few to listen to:

This first one, despite being one of his older tunes, is probably my favourite.. Too chilled out, love to sit back and relax to this one, deep.

Dannie Darko - Without You

Another deep one here, can't get enough of this guys tunes

Dannie Darko - Breeze

One for the dirty heads, you can get a copy of this over at his soundcloud, as the caption says on there, drop him a comment for the link.

Dannie Darko - Who's Gordon

To finish here's another relaxin dub..

Dannie Darko - Clouded

Check out the Soundcloud and the Myspace, show some support.

EDIT: Removed the soundcloud cause it was causing a few problems, download links instead.

Enjoy.. and big up Dannie Darko on the tunes.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Here's a nice free tune from The Prototype of Test Pilot Music. With a vocal sample everyone should know, but this time with a dubstep / reggae vibe about it...

The Prototype - Send Him by TestPilotMusic

If you havn't heard that much of The Prototype before, here's a post from their website about a remix he'd done for a competition, which I really like the sound of, check it out Here.

Next up we got a fresh DnB tune from Shellshock that he kindly sent over. It just won him 1st place in the Inspectors Drum n Base competition, and deservedly so, is a top tune from an upcoming producer, keep your eyes on him!

Shellshock - Volts

Finally got a whole free remix EP of "Autopilot - She Says"
Some really sick remixes here, much more on the chilled side of dubstep, Congratz to Rdubz for winning, also recommend the HxdB, Vishnu and Clueless remixes. Cop all 7 tunes below.

Autopilot - She Says (Remix EP)


Sunday, 1 November 2009


Heavy DnB track, out on the album "Drum & Bass Arena Anthems 2009" tommorow, pre order tonight to get it cheaper!

Still Waters

Heard this amazing liquid tune in a mix..

[Link Removed - This one is gettin a release!]

No need to describe this one, just sit back, relax and enjoy...

Hit up the myspace and show some support.