Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I'm Ready

Safe all, i am the new addition to the crew, Donkey Kong. I was wondering how i would start myself off and i thought i need a killer tune to announce my arrival. Well here it is, Ready for The Fight (Black Noise Destroy The Disco Edit) taken from the Hed Kandi Presents Destroy The Disco compilation CD. Let me be honest, this tune isnt the fattest wobbler about, nor does it have a bone crushing drop, this one is a chiller which blends a bit of hip hop, alot of house, and a cheeky bit of wonky bass.

Ready for The Fight (Black Noise Destroy The Disco Edit)-The Young Punx Feat. Count Bass D


  1. Hey Mario and Luigi, I just want to extend my thanks to you guys for posting such qaulity tracks. Going through a mad time with final exams at the moment and the stuff you post always enspires me to strive on! Thanks for all the liquid its out of control. Add me on aim if you like, id dig to share some beats

    Peace Love and Much Respect from South Africa!!

  2. big up.. glad your enjoying the tunes. Dont use AIM though