Saturday, 10 April 2010

Introducing: Bulb

I first posted about this artist several months back, and he's constantly been producing amazing, deep tunes. We got in touch with him to provide you with a bit more info / music!

Bulb aka Daniil Vavilov is a Drum n Bass producer from province city Vladimir: Russia. After finding FL Studio around 2006, he produced several genres before setting his sights seriously on DnB in 2008. After spending several years producing his own style of deep, melodic drum n bass, you can see how well the time was spent in the quality of production.. I don't think I can fault many of the tracks on the soundcloud! This has to be my favourite style of music, to me this is Deep DnB at it's finest.

Bulb + N4m3 - From the moon (forth. DubKraft) by Bulb

From the moon, a collab with N4m3 is set to drop in June / July on DubKraft Rec. This track is so deep, those synths that come later in the tune.. magic !

For a slightly darker sound check out 'Dungeon' - Still unsigned!

Bulb - Dungeon (Finished-Clip) by Bulb

Bulb also produces more experimental beats under the alias Fill, which has it's own soundcloud here. All the tunes on the Fill soundcloud are up for free download, and are definitely worth checking out ! One of my favourites here (Download on the Soundcloud)

Fill - All the same (Fill account - by Bulb

Finally if you are feeling these vibes as much as me, you will want to hear these mixes from Bulb.

Bulb - Into The Deep Mix (Mixcloud Link)

Bulb - Into The Deep Mix 2 (Mixcloud Link)

Mindblowing music.

Photo by Bulb, check the rest here.

Send some respect over to the Myspace and check out more beats at the Soundcloud and Youtube Channel.



  1. Big producer!

  2. true that.. From the moon is fuckin' magic !