Monday, 4 January 2010

Introducing: Deep Focus

So those who have been reading for a while will know I'm a big fan of deep / liquid Drum n Base. One of my favourite up-coming producers of the moment has got to be Deep Focus, and I'm pleased to have a couple of his tunes to share with you here, as well as some free downloads. Originally from Shrewsbury but now living in London, where he moved for the music scene! We asked him a few questions to see what he's all about:

GYD: So how long have you been producing for?

Deep Focus: I've been producing for just over a year now, but spent a lot of time writing for various bands while i was a teenager. Producing electronic music has very much been a new venture for me.

GYD: That's cool, as lot of people seem to move from bands into production. Who's influencing you to produce at the moment?

Deep Focus: Tough question that, I listen to so many different genres it's hard to say, I'm massively into Alix Perez' sound at the moment, especially the 1984 album, some amasing production on there, and Moderat's album is incredible aswell, been listening to that a lot. The soundtrack to the film 'Moon' has had a big impact as well recently to be fair.

Anyway, on to the most important part - the music. One of my favourite bits by him 'Breathe' takes me to another place.. a low soothing bass with those drums, well I'll let the tune speak for itself.

Another one of his tracks, Truth.

Then we have a track avaliable for download called Empty. Proper minimal intro that kicks in to some almost hypnotic drums on the drop, definitely one to chill and enjoy on some good headphones / speakers.

Deep Focus - Empty

You can also hear Deep Focus in the mix on the Liquicity Podcasts, where he showcases a load of up-coming talent in this genre. You can download and listen to the postcasts below.

Deep Focus - Liquicity Podcast

Deep Focus has a remix of 'Joman - Static' on Velcro City Records in early February. 'Complete' coming out very soon on a BIG compilation from Black Reign Recordings thats set to be sick, as well as a few more releases in the bag. Also keep watch for his EP's which should be out in the first quater of 2010!

Definitely one to watch in this scene, keep locked to the Myspace and Youtube for new bits from him, and keep watch here, 'cause we are gonna be keeping a close eye!


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