Saturday, 16 January 2010

Black Noise pt. 2

I hope by now some of you have had a listen to the mix in part one and are thoroughly pumped for part 2!

First up to get you on the level with Black Noise, they have kindly answered a few questions to bring us up to speed with what these heads are about.

1. Q: Where you from and how has that influenced your music style?

A: We are from the south of England... small town, big ideas! I don’t think you need to be from a thriving, bustling metropolis these days to make cutting edge music as the internet has made us all one tightly knit family. Though it does mean fresh ideas can be replicated by others pretty darn quickly!

2. Q: What got you into what electronic music?

A: Rave music and acid house... and I suppose 80’s electro was the first source of electronic funk. Oh, and the drugs.

3. Q: Favourite club or city for you when it comes to experiencing electronic music?

A: I have a real passion for Eastern Europe. It’s the whole experience of visiting and they make you feel loved. The parties are always nuts and you always come home with some mad stories... also, Australia, again this is also about the experience as well as playing the clubs.

4. Q: What is your favourite genre/scene is right now and why?

A: I wouldn’t even know what genre we do, so its hard to say what genre we are loving now! There is so much good music on that kinda house tempo these days that you can mash up in the serato... and that disco vibe thats doing the rounds now is great as i use to love armand, cassius and the French sound of the mid 90’s...

I like music that is made by lee Mortimer, foamo, will bailey, mighty fools, a1 bassline, tonka, kelevra these days... cats like that. Something with some THUMP!

5. Q: Where is Black Noise at currently?

A: Chained to the studio it would seem. We have just bought a fridge as we are spending so much time in there. I would say 50/60 hours a week minimum... personally we are feeling pretty happy, excited and keen to rip it and mash it in 2010.

6. Q: Plans for 2010 and beyond?

A: We have to get 2 more EPs done for southern fried then crack on with our album which is going to be an exciting time to try and make our 5 minute bass bombs gel into a long player... we have so many ideas for this album and we have a new direction we wanna pursue musically. We are also going to help produce the forthcoming Wizard Sleeve album after their success with Sidney Samson.

7. Q: As much info as you wanna give on your third EP

A: There is to be a collab on this ep. And a vocal tune with wizard sleeve. And lots of bass... and a bit of disco and a heavy slab of raggatron! Should be out around easter time on southern fried.

They have also thrown us some lovely freebies in the form of dope 320 tracks, you'll recognise em from the mix and i hope you love em as much as i do!

Tonka - Jack Track (Black Noise VIP Remix)

Black Noise - Knock You Out (Kik The Break VIP)

Duck Sauce - aNYway (Black Noise Bassline Mix)

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