Monday, 8 March 2010

Interview: Liquid Stranger

So anyone who takes an interest in the darker, heavier side of dubstep will have heard of Rottun Recordings, and we have been enjoying their releases for a while now.

We've been chatting with Liquid Stranger, who's got a long musical history and has got an album dropping on Rottun on the 15th of March! Here's a heavy as fuck mix, as well as an interview with him.

Liquid Stranger Short Fuse 2009 Mix (Download)

GYD: How did you get into the whole electronic music scene, and what were you into before dubstep?

LS: I got my first synthesizer in 1986, so that is when I started making electronic music. At first I was inspired by the unearthly sounds of Kraftwerk, Data, and Devo. During the summer of love (88-89) I got into the rave scene and the Acid house,
Techno, and, somewhat later, the Trance culture. I was really into Warp records and the R&S stuffs.

During this time, I released techno and progressive trance as Necton, Slugger and Metatron. In 1996 I got into the Nu Skool Breaks scene, and did some releases under name Rhoca. Simultaneously, I was part of the collective Subnatura and CandyMind, focusing on trippy IDM, and Electronica. Dub and Reagge has been a great influence as well which can be heard on my albums on Interchill.

GYD: What do you personally listen to for enjoyment, all heavier sounding stuff, or do you enjoy the more dubby, chilled side to dubstep as well?

LS: I enjoy a wide range of music, not at all limited to electronic music. It all depends on context, for home listening I prefer ambient/chill, and on the dancefloor I love the hard and heavy stuffs. I started off as a classical pianist, and consequently I am really into the works of various classical composers such as Beethoven, Orff, and Prokofiev. I am also a big fan of old school HipHop, Blues, and World/Ethno fusion.

GYD: How long have you been producing for?

LS: Well, I started when I was eight so...24 years now. I had my first official release when I was 17.

GYD: You've recently had releases on Rottun Recordings, these guys are really blowing up and gaining support, how does it feel to be a part of that?

LS: am glad that the Rottun guys get the attention they deserve. The label is most definately the epiphany of in-yer-face Dubstep.
My fullenght Rottun album "The Private Riot" drops March 15.

GYD: Any plans for UK / Europe shows?

LS: Not really. I have a very busy schedule nowadays, and my main focus is on my work as a Martial Arts/Firearms instructor. I still do some shows in the US/Canada, but I simply do not have enough time to be on the road for weeks on end. I used to tour extensiviely with my Techno/Trance music between 1996-2003, but over the years I grew a bit tired of gloomy airports, sketchy environments, and odd hours. I am still very passionate about making music, and will probably continue to produce as long as I my ears stay intact ;)

GYD: Who's your top 5 artists to watch in 2010?

LS: I honestly don't keep up to date with new releases. I basically just listen to whatever gets sent my way. When I am at a gig I often hear tunes that I really enjoy, but unfortunately I seldom find out exactly which tunes are in the mix. Having said that, 5 dubstep artists that I have really enjoyed lately are: Datsik, 16 bit, Koan Sound, J:Kenzo, and Funtcase.

Big ups to Liquid Stranger for that, and big up the rest of Interchill Records!


  1. Is there a tracklisting for this mix anywhere? Great interview by the way, LOVE liquid stranger, really gave me some insight about a 'hard to find out about' artist.

    Where are you guys (the blog) based out of?? I founded and write for, always looking for ppl to work with and people who know whats good, like us!!

  2. Cheers for the feedback fam!

    Tracklist at this link:

    We're based in the UK, but hit me up on AIM sometime if you use it : gotyoudancing

  3. Nice one dun

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