Thursday, 12 August 2010

Interview: Phaeleh

Incase you hadn't noticed, we are a big fan of chilled, deep music on this blog.. be it DnB, House, Garage, or in this case Dubstep!

We've featured tracks from this man before.. but now are pleased to bring you an interview from deep dubstep master, and label owner of Urban Scrumping.... Phaeleh!

GYD: Where did the name come from, Phaeleh?

Phaeleh: It was a mixture of words and letters I liked, kind of fused together. As I’d made it up it made it quite easy to sort out myspace/twitter addresses too. Pronouncing it however...

GYD: How long have you been producing music for, and what sent you down the route of the music you produce now?

Phaeleh: I've been producing on and off for over 10 years now, though only really seriously in the last 3 years. I used to write quite chilled electronica under the name 'Preston', but used to play out heavier dnb style stuff. Guess the current music is the combination of those 2 styles, conveniently tied together under the 'dubstep' name.

GYD: What kind of music do you like to listen to yourself?

Phaeleh: I don't have much time for listening to music, but generally like all sorts. I rinse a lot of Tool, Philip Glass, Brian Eno and old dnb mixes a lot when I’m doing paperwork for Urban Scrumping.

GYD: How about the record label, Urban Scrumping, tell us a little about it?

Phaeleh: It kind of happened by accident as a result of my frustration of no one ever getting back to me about demos. Decided to just set it up so I could send people somewhere to buy my tunes, rather than sending out endless 320s to anyone who asked. It picked up more than I expected, so started releasing some mates’ music as well.

GYD: Have you got any new beats in the pipeline for us to look forward to?

Phaeleh: There are plenty of things waiting to come out. The album 'Fallen Light' is dropping in October which is mainly new stuff people haven't heard. Got 12"s on Wheel & Deal, Disfigured Dubz, Soul Motive and OpenEarz over the next few months, then a few more towards the end of the year. Always working on fresh tunes too, so plenty to look forward to.

GYD: Who are your top 5 artists to watch right now?

DJ Rum

GYD: Any final words for the readers?

Phaeleh: I'm trying to think of something amusing and failing, so I’ll just say thanks for the support!

Here's a couple of mixes from the soundcloud, incase you are not familiar with his style:

Phaeleh - Deeper Mix

Phaeleh - Electronix Explorations Mix

Big up to the man like Phaeleh. Check his Soundcloud and Myspace, and if you enjoy his tunes.. keep locked here for more deep beats!


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