Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Interview: Emalkay

All the readers should know about Emalkay, if you don't, come out from that rock you've been hiding under, 'cause this man is smashing it at the moment. With a bunch of big tunes out at the moment, including maybe the biggest tune of the year 'When I look at you', we are pleased to have interviewed him for the blog.

GYD: So, hows things in the world of Emalkay. Have you always been a fan of electronic music, or did you listen to
any other genres?

Emalkay: It's always been electronic come to think of it, whether it be big beat electronica, garage, house, trance or drum n bass.

GYD: What kind of music did your parent listen to when you were growing up,
and has it influnced your current productions?

Emalkay: 70s pop and no!

GYD: We try to promote new music we enjoy, what do you think about online
blogs promoting Dubstep?

Emalkay: If it's promoting my music then you carry on my son!

GYD: There’s a lot of up-coming talent in the scene, what artists are you going to be watching in 2010?

Emalkay: Trolley Snatcha, Doctor P, Von D, DJ Madd, 12th Planet, Silkie

GYD: What can we look forward to you in the future, any remixes /
productions in the works?

Emalkay: Yea I got a Miike Snow remix dropping very soon and my next release on
Storming Productions early next year (Solid State / Battle Suit), all
can be heard on

GYD: Cheers for the questions, any final words for the readers?


Big up Emalkay.

You can download his remix of 'Sun To Me' by Faithless here, and definitely keep watch for this man, as well as the rest of Dub Police. Making big moves in the Dubstep scene!