Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Looking back at the previous posts, seems Soundcloud has been really taking over lately! Not that it's a bad thing.. it's a great way of sharing music for artists / labels and listeners.

TLGB sent over this preview of his latest remix, released on Venga Digital on the 17th of May.

Here's a really chilled out bit from Prism, up for free download. Sit back and relax!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Dubstep

Been holding off on a post for a few days, thought I might as well post all the dubstep stuff in one!

First wanted to mention a new release from Darksky. You might have heard this one on N-Types radio show a couple month back, but it's out now on Black Acre Records, and it is hard as fuck! One you need to pick up !

Ghost Notes - Black Acre Records by Dark Sky

For me that's a kinda sound I would like to see the 'harder' dubstep at the moment going, but while we are listenin to Darkskys beats, it's worth checking out his soundcloud cause they have a lot of other big productions. One of my favourites being the 'Crystalised' remix, but check out 'Leave' as well.

Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) by Dark Sky

Cheers to Hush for the hook up on these beats, who have also just dropped their latest Hush House Mix, big tracklist as always !

[Download] Hush The Fuck Up Vol.4

Check the original post / tracklist here.

I also just got this free 4 track EP 'Glade' in the mail from dubstep producer Levelz. Some cool tracks in this, I'm personally feeling 'Dillusional' and 'Siren' but you can check it out yourself! This is all deeper more melodic stuff but all good listens. Watch for releases from Levelz on Dub Selection (Digital Release) in the future.

[Download] Levelz - Glade EP

SBTRK dosn't dissapoint with another massive remix, looking foward to hearing the vocal remix of this if it comes ! This guy is pushing the boundries while keeping a fat groove in his tracks.. big stuff

Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (SBTRKT REMIX INSTRUMENTAL) by sbtrkt

If you are all over the garage sound lately, got a big 2-step remix of Garage producer Architekt 9's tune, remixed by Baitface. In his own words, 'A stripped-down, reworked 2-step edit with a dark edge' and that sounded good enough for me to take a listen, and I was pleasantly surprised ! Download on the soundcloud, and give him some feedback for this free release..

Architekt 9 Feat. Kaydenz - Misery Man (Baitface's This One's For The Steppers Remix) by Baitface

I just saw this in a post on dub forums, and thought it was dope! I'm enjoying a lot of experimentations people are having with the harder side of dubstep..

Optimus 3000 - District7 by District7

Finally little bit of news: Skreams Stella Sessions on a wednesday are over... Replaced with the Skream and Benga show! Can only see this being a good thing so if you wern't already locked onto Rinse FM then check it out.


Monday, 19 April 2010

Dj Druid

This guy is in my opinion one of the most un-recognised producers and DJ's in the DnB scene!

He's got a bunch of top productions to his name, but for this post I'm just pointing you the way of his radio show / podcast: The D.R.U Show. I've been listening to the podcasts for a little while and they are always filled with gems, big up DJ Druid, and here's the latest mix.

The D.R.U. Show - Episode #27 - 05/Apr/2010 (Right Click < Save As)

1. Sabre, Noisia, Icicle - Quarters
2. Zero Tolerance & Rockwell - Bone Structure
3. Spinline - Radioactive
4. Holdtight - Blackstone
5. Consequence - A Man And A Woman
6. Slovar - Plastiq [Cdr]
7. June Miller - Converge
8. Sabre - Peril
9. Mindmapper & Silvahfonk - Vaccinate [Cdr]
10. Dj Marky & S.P.Y. - Riff Raff
11. Icicle - Minimal Funk
12. Spinline - Groove Scam
13. Code 3 - Response
14. Mindstorm - Abbey Road
15. Jaybee & K-Dan - Love Affair [Cdr]
16. The Square, Blue Motion & Msdos - You Don't Need Me
17. Baron Simms & Mat-E-Rich - Being With You [Cdr]
18. Marcas - Dream Era
19. Netsky - Starlight
20. Peyo - Old Times
21. Druid - Colors Shifting
22. Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Ft. Miri - Days Go Slow
23. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (Dc Breaks Bootleg)
24. Druid - The Power [Cdr]
25. A-Sides Ft. Fats - Rebel Rouser
26. The Invaderz - Can't Explain It
27. Dj Marky & S.P.Y. - Fang Face
28. S.P.Y. - Asbo
29. Joe Syntax - White Light [Cdr]
30. Consequence - 11 Circles
31. Rockwell - Underpass
32. Spinline - Irreverse
33. Blue Motion - Epileptic [Cdr]
34. Rockwell - Tribes
35. Stunna - Face The Night (Indivision Remix) [Cdr]

Check out his website which has all the previous podcasts as well as info here !


Saturday, 17 April 2010


REAStorations by REASmusic

Lone Ft. Richie by REASmusic

Incompetent Minds by REASmusic

It's been a little while since i've posted anything from our boy Reas, but he sure has been busy. Churning out remixes for RSD, Noisia and Akala, whilst also getting some tunes signed to D.I.R.T Agency, who also look after Orien. He's also got himself a weekly radio slot on One Lion Radio every Wednesday 6 - 8 and has also put together a collection of mash up's on his Soundcloud. Definitely one to watch on 2010, he'll be making big moves !

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Update !

Just thought I'd do a post updating you on a bunch of different tracks that I've been listening to lately. Some of these are newer than others, but havn't posted any of them before, and all are worth checking out.

First Netsky's album is set to drop on the 14th of June, and is set to be a top set of tracks ! Netsky has definitely made a name for himself over the last year putting out non-stop melodic, but energetic Drum n Bass beats. Here's one from his forthcoming album. Track entitled: Secret Agent.

Next up, one most people would have heard by now, but if not this is Nero's new track. Well produced as always from this pair, but am I the only one thinking they have kinda rinsed this sound? Drop a comment. You can Pre-order this here.

Zinc has dropped another Crack House mix for us to bounce to: Download at the soundcloud.

Zinc apr 2010 CrackHouseMix by zinc

If your on that house / electro kinda vibe then Disco Cats have just dropped a new release, with a free track along with it ! The free track is the Melbourne Bootleg Mix, which is a nice bouncy summer riddim ! Check out the release on beatport here, and the track below which you can download from the soundcloud.


There's so many more big tunes about at the moment, will get on it with more posts when I have time!


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Introducing: Bulb

I first posted about this artist several months back, and he's constantly been producing amazing, deep tunes. We got in touch with him to provide you with a bit more info / music!

Bulb aka Daniil Vavilov is a Drum n Bass producer from province city Vladimir: Russia. After finding FL Studio around 2006, he produced several genres before setting his sights seriously on DnB in 2008. After spending several years producing his own style of deep, melodic drum n bass, you can see how well the time was spent in the quality of production.. I don't think I can fault many of the tracks on the soundcloud! This has to be my favourite style of music, to me this is Deep DnB at it's finest.

Bulb + N4m3 - From the moon (forth. DubKraft) by Bulb

From the moon, a collab with N4m3 is set to drop in June / July on DubKraft Rec. This track is so deep, those synths that come later in the tune.. magic !

For a slightly darker sound check out 'Dungeon' - Still unsigned!

Bulb - Dungeon (Finished-Clip) by Bulb

Bulb also produces more experimental beats under the alias Fill, which has it's own soundcloud here. All the tunes on the Fill soundcloud are up for free download, and are definitely worth checking out ! One of my favourites here (Download on the Soundcloud)

Fill - All the same (Fill account - http://soundcloud.com/fill-music) by Bulb

Finally if you are feeling these vibes as much as me, you will want to hear these mixes from Bulb.

Bulb - Into The Deep Mix (Mixcloud Link)

Bulb - Into The Deep Mix 2 (Mixcloud Link)

Mindblowing music.

Photo by Bulb, check the rest here.

Send some respect over to the Myspace and check out more beats at the Soundcloud and Youtube Channel.


Friday, 9 April 2010


Just heard this new track on Jakwobs soundcloud. Seems a lot of people are heading in this direction in dubstep at the moment. This is a pretty interesting sound from Jakwob, although from the intro I was hoping for something much deeper. 1:40 though!

Wonder (SNEAKY PEEK EDIT) by jakwob


Thursday, 8 April 2010


About a month ago we mentioned the start of Stamp! Beats.

Heavyfeet have now dropped their first track 'I Spy' with the original being given out for free (Download on the Soundcloud)! Heading in a new direction compared to their other tracks, with Virus Syndicate on vocals.. This has some really tight production.

With Remix's from AC Slater and Heavyfeet themselves, this is a big start for Stamp! Beats.

Check the release on Beatport.

HeavyFeet vs. Virus Syndicate - I Spy... Stamp! Beats 2010 by HeavyFeet

Enjoy, and keep your sights locked on Heavyfeet !

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Got a couple of bits today. First up saw this DnB track dropped for free over at Knowledge. A remix from producers NC-17, this starts off with a huge intro, with some great vocals and energy about it. The drop switches up the tune into a slightly darker heavier sound.. one I'm not sure does the intro justice, but decide that for yourself! Download on the soundcloud.

AK 1200 - Fake NC-17 remix by knowledge

Next a tune everyone has probably heard already, but none the less nice to have given out on 320! Skreams dark banger: 'Clap Your Hands'

Skream - Clap Your Hands

Then to end the post on some more sunday kinda vibes.. A really deep bit from Instant Art. Sit back and enjoy. Download on the soundcloud.

Instant Art - Chiasmata by Instant Art

Friday, 2 April 2010

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix)

A new tip for borore? Although I didn't enjoy some of his productions, I'm gonna put it out there and say I quite enjoyed this one, which keeps some of his raw energy but with a more refined sound..