Saturday, 30 January 2010


A deep, dark and twisted bit from Eskmo here, released in 320 for your listening pleasure. Big ups to Zyblot where I found this one, and Amon for the feature on Eskmo. A definite cop!

Eskmo - Sister, Have A Listen

Also, if you havn't seen it, main man Skream has set up a Soundcloud, where he's uploading a variety of different bits, some older some newer, but all worth checking out. Here's a couple of examples of whats up on his soundcloud, check the full page here.

Plus Ultra + Skream - Arcacia Avenue by SKREAMIZM



Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hold Tight

Havn't posted much heavier stuff in a little while, so here's some pretty damn filthy dubstep for you courtesy of Jsaxton, with the free 320 download. This is some proper harsh metallic sounds.. dirty. A few more tracks to be copped for free too on the Soundcloud.

Unfinished Buisness - JSaxton by JSaxton

Next up switching it back to the more liquid side of life, a nice sax-filled tune from Anotsu, love the chilled little intro and just a lovely liquid roller when it drops. Again check the Soundcloud for the download and other bits.

Hold Tight - Anotsu ( Goldfish Sample) by Anotsu

Then a preview of two upcoming Netsky remixes set for release on the 10th of March. By now you should know the hype I have for Netsky.. enjoy!


Monday, 25 January 2010

Introducing: Rumblejazz

Listened to one of this guys beats not too long ago, got a proper nice vibe from it and spent the next hour checking out his tunes, which did not dissapoint!

, originally from Bath, but now based in South London is a producer with his own sound, I don't want to try to describe it take a listen for yourself. After starting off his musical life with the sax making mostly jazzy tunes, he was introduced to the music of the Tru Thoughts label, and electronic music, and has been producing since last year. He's hit us up with some exclusive 320's.

First up we have a brand new tune from our main man, finished today and fresh off the production line. With some deep synths and a tasty drop, this is a chiller.

Rumblejazz - Time It Take

The next tune we have on offer from him is 'Star Worship' which has some sick drums and sweet vibe to it, this one's an exclusive download to GYD.

Rumblejazz - Star Worship

He takes inspiration from Quantic and Bonobo as well as bits from Mr Scruff, and you can hear some of his musical influences in his tunes, although I think he's putting out his own sound nicely.

Finally is a remix of Panic Attack. With his own deep sound and nice sharp drums, im feelin this one.

Mark K B - Panic Attack (Rumblejazz Remix)

Send some love over to the Facebook and Soundcloud, and drop a comment here with your thoughts on the tunes. Keep watch on Rumblejazz.


Saturday, 23 January 2010


Sub Swara have dropped a fresh remix for your listening pleasure, with some sick drum work in there, definitely one to check out. Free download using the app.

Then another little bit I've been listening to, from Brown Noise. This is my favourite tune of the bunch, nice and deep stuff. You can cop the whole of the free 'Expand Your Horizonz EP' Here.

Brown Noise - Expand Your Horizons


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Four Tet

There Is Love In You by Four Tet

Here we have the latest mix from Four Tet, I don't need to say anything else, as you already know it will be simply amazing. Definitely one for the sunday crew, and don't watch the lack of posts, exam season is finished, for the time being.

Jungle Iz Massive

It seem i have started off this new year on a Black Noise hype! Dunno what it is about these mans that just make me wanna blaze their tunes out louder and louder. So here i am again blogging a cheeky VIP remix of their dope track Jungle Iz Em. As always it has a filthy bassline and a wonk the likes of which i have never seen, but their is the echo of a junglist vibe running throughout the track, making you remember the old skool days. The best bit of the VIP for me though is a tasty vocal thats been woven seamlessley over the top, its hard to imagine dirty electro/fidget house blending with jungle as they are totally different genres but somehow it just works. I am feeling this one!

Cop it here first, before it takes the blogosphere by storm!

Black Noise - Jungle Iz Em (Take Me Away VIP)

Monday, 18 January 2010

Circus Records Comp!

The Voscillate remix competition from Circus Records has had the winner announced!

Contrats to Roksonix who won the comp, and will be seeing his remix dropped on digital release.

Flux Pavillion put together this mix of his favourite competition entries, a shout out to our boy Johnny Global who came up as a runner up! We also have Johnny Globa's competition entry to offer in 320!

Flux Pavillion - Voscillate Remix Competition mix

Flux Pavillion - Voscillate (Johnny Global Remix)

Tracklist for mix:

Rumblejazz Remix
Johny Global Remix
Mindflow Remix w/Lakey Remix
Roxsonix Remix (WINNER)
ODJbox Remix
StinkahBell Remix
Dave Dialect Remix
Graphics Remix
Flux Pavilion's Original
Milez Remix

Listen to the winning remix here:


Sunday, 17 January 2010


Heard one of this guys tunes a few days ago and was blown away! These are from Tomekn, a London based DnB producer who has been on the production scene for about 3-4 years now.

First up a remix, the first tune I heard by him and one that really got me interested in this artist! Absolutely amazing DnB tune, definitely one of my favourites of the moment. This one is seriously massive.

Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds (Tomekn Remix)

Next we have another nice bit from him, with a relaxed vibe to it, but really nice synths, love this one.

Tomekn - Crystalise

Two big ones from Tomekn. He's got a release forthcoming on Dubplate Records, that's going to be avaliable on Juno and Beatport within the next 2 weeks, so keep watch for that !

The tune that's going to be released is 'Tomekn - Wasting Time' which is another lovely liquid track. Check it out:

If you enjoyed the tunes send some love over to Tomekn at the Facebook !


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Black Noise pt. 2

I hope by now some of you have had a listen to the mix in part one and are thoroughly pumped for part 2!

First up to get you on the level with Black Noise, they have kindly answered a few questions to bring us up to speed with what these heads are about.

1. Q: Where you from and how has that influenced your music style?

A: We are from the south of England... small town, big ideas! I don’t think you need to be from a thriving, bustling metropolis these days to make cutting edge music as the internet has made us all one tightly knit family. Though it does mean fresh ideas can be replicated by others pretty darn quickly!

2. Q: What got you into what electronic music?

A: Rave music and acid house... and I suppose 80’s electro was the first source of electronic funk. Oh, and the drugs.

3. Q: Favourite club or city for you when it comes to experiencing electronic music?

A: I have a real passion for Eastern Europe. It’s the whole experience of visiting and they make you feel loved. The parties are always nuts and you always come home with some mad stories... also, Australia, again this is also about the experience as well as playing the clubs.

4. Q: What is your favourite genre/scene is right now and why?

A: I wouldn’t even know what genre we do, so its hard to say what genre we are loving now! There is so much good music on that kinda house tempo these days that you can mash up in the serato... and that disco vibe thats doing the rounds now is great as i use to love armand, cassius and the French sound of the mid 90’s...

I like music that is made by lee Mortimer, foamo, will bailey, mighty fools, a1 bassline, tonka, kelevra these days... cats like that. Something with some THUMP!

5. Q: Where is Black Noise at currently?

A: Chained to the studio it would seem. We have just bought a fridge as we are spending so much time in there. I would say 50/60 hours a week minimum... personally we are feeling pretty happy, excited and keen to rip it and mash it in 2010.

6. Q: Plans for 2010 and beyond?

A: We have to get 2 more EPs done for southern fried then crack on with our album which is going to be an exciting time to try and make our 5 minute bass bombs gel into a long player... we have so many ideas for this album and we have a new direction we wanna pursue musically. We are also going to help produce the forthcoming Wizard Sleeve album after their success with Sidney Samson.

7. Q: As much info as you wanna give on your third EP

A: There is to be a collab on this ep. And a vocal tune with wizard sleeve. And lots of bass... and a bit of disco and a heavy slab of raggatron! Should be out around easter time on southern fried.

They have also thrown us some lovely freebies in the form of dope 320 tracks, you'll recognise em from the mix and i hope you love em as much as i do!

Tonka - Jack Track (Black Noise VIP Remix)

Black Noise - Knock You Out (Kik The Break VIP)

Duck Sauce - aNYway (Black Noise Bassline Mix)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Black Noise pt. 1

We here at gotyoudancing aim to bring you some of the dopest electronic artists about and without a doubt Black Noise are ranking HIGH for me right now! I'm rating 'em so much right now i'm on a mad posting hype, i have a few tunes, a mix and a lil Q&A to bring you up to speed on these resident badmen! With 2 EP's for Southern Fried under their belts and an album beign carefully devised 2010 will be a big year for Black Noise.

I don't need to hype em up too much as it is damn well obvious through the mix and the tunes that these guys are gonna be HUGE.

If you like what you hear then definately take a closer look here..

Mix: Black Noise 2010 With a Bang Mix
1 ‘The Rusty Pig’ Joe And Will Ask? Gulp Communications / IODA

1.1 ‘Restless’ (Julio Bahmore remix) Buraka Som Sistema Fabric Integral

1.2 ‘Hurtful’ (ZDS No Song edit) ErikHassle Island records

2 ‘Anyway’ (Black Noise unofficial bassline mix) Duck Sauce

3 ‘5 AM (A Girl Like You)’ (Black Noise remix) Tommie Sunshine Ultra

4 ‘Bhanga’ (Dan Aux remix) Two Fresh Klub Kids, Aus

5 ‘Selling Jesus’ (Riva Starr dub mix) skunk anansie One Little Indian

5.1 ‘Club Action’ acapella Yo Majesty

6 ‘Blau!’ (LA Riots remix) Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer Fools Gold

7 ‘Jack Track’ (Black Noise VIP remix) Tonka Southern Fried

8 ‘Bus Dis’ (Lee Mortimer remix) Eddi Zanetti & Jackinori

8.1 ‘Pressure Point’ acapella Nick Thayer & Sportyo Passenger

9 ‘Elephant 1234’ The Count and Sinden Domino

9.1 ‘Me Plus You’ acapella Black Noise feat. Wizard Sleeve Southern Fried

10 ‘Just Kill A Man’ Last Japan Southern Fried

11 ‘Riverside (Let’s Go!)’ (Black Noise remix) Sidney Samson & Wizard Sleeve Data

11.1 ‘Me Plus You’ acapella Black Noise feat. Wizard Sleeve Southern Fried

12 ‘Blau!’ (Doorly remix) Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer Fools Gold

12.1 ‘Tell Me You Love It’ acapella Aquasky & Blu Rum 13 Passenger

13 ‘Knock You Out’ (Kik the break VIP) Black Noise Southern Fried

14 ‘Comin on strong (Feel the rhythm)’ (Black Noise remix) Rhythm Section RSR

15 ‘Bus Dis’ (Aspin & Dipace remix) Eddi Zanetti & Jackinori

16 ‘Dirty Cash’ (Tom Piper & Nom De Strip remix) Dizzee Rascal

17 ‘Dwarfs’ (Sharkslayer remix) Malente & Jay Robinson Southern Fried

18 ‘Reach For Lasers’ Nick Thayer Passenger

19 ‘Outta Control’ Aquasky feat. Sporty-O Passenger

20 ‘Turn That Shit Up’ Tom Stephen Southern Fried

21 ‘Dirty Balloon’ (Tom Piper & Nom De Strip remix) Rishi Bass & Melly Mel Made in NL

22 ‘Flapjack’ Nom De Strip Bombsquad

23 ‘Could This Be Real’ (extended mix) Sub Focus Ram

24 ‘What A Bass’ Malente Jay Robinson Southern Fried

25 ‘Jungle Iz Em’ (‘take me away’ VIP) Black Noise Southern Fried

26 ‘Hit The Club’ (Mighty Fools remix) Will Bailey Simma records

27 ‘Without You’ Nom De Strip Bombsquad

I'm Right Here (N-Type Remix)

FWD>> + Rinse are celebreating their 15th birthday as well as the first FWD>> at Matter, and are giving away a series of free tunes and mixes !

The first tune is a dark remix of MA1's 'I'm Right Here' by N-Type. Standard dark and raw sounds from N-Type as usual, big stuff. In 320!

MA1 - I'm Right Here (N-Type Remix)

If you're on facebook hit us up, link on the top left of the page.


Thursday, 14 January 2010


Just got these 3 massive remixes in the mail, which are part of the remix album 'Go Up To Get Down' from Kidda. All 3 of these tracks have been given away in 320 and definitely do not dissapoint, with the TLGB remix doing it for me the most, but the other two remixes are big as well. The Jack Beats remix has been floating around for a little while now, but included it incase you missed it.

Kidda - Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)

Kidda - Feel Too Good (Jack Beats Remix)

Kidda - Strong Together (Heavyfeet Remix)

Here's the full tracklist for the remix album, which looks like it could be pretty huge!

Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Mix)
Feel To Good (Jack Beats Remix)
Strong Together (Heavy Feet Remix)
Smile (Detboi Luvs Me Mix)
Doo Whot (Jaymo & Andy George Moda Mix)
Hey Y'All (Kidda Remix)***
Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)***
Doo Whot (Parker Remix)
V.I.P (Beathoven Remix)
Feel Too Good (Blackgrass Remix)
Smile Sunday (Kidda edit)
Under The Sun (Brighton Beach Boys Remix)

Big up Kidda at the Myspace.


Monday, 11 January 2010

New Year Hype!

So Christmas is now over and with it party season looks endangered, its time for some heads to get settled back into daily life and for others its back to dreaming about what thrills and frills their next saturday night has in store. To highlight this dynamic split within society, whichever path you decide to take these two tunes will have something to help you along the way.

First one is an absolute wonker, i score low on originality as this tune has be done, done over and then done again by everyone but so far this is the best one i have seen, proper raises the floor as you can see in the video. When listening to this you cant help thinking that this would go off at any club! Copped this tune from the nicenoiz boys definately worth hitting these guys up

Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Cold Blank Remix)

For those settling back into a routine then try this tune out, once again zero points for a fresh tune this is a remix of another well loved tune however this is HEAVY, proper crushing wobble from Mt Eden, i hope to see more of him in 2010.

Burial - Archangel (Mt Eden Remix)

One more thing, just cos i can, check this video of my hero at the minute Mr. Rico Tubbs tearing it up at the start of last year, im optimistic to see what he can give us this year.
ENJOY this one!


Decided to share a tune I've been listening too non-stop for the past few months, an absolutely huge tune from Desimal. This guy was an amazing producer before he sadly passed away in 2006.

Read his Bio here at his tribute website, where there is also a bunch of other tunes to download, absolutely sick darkstyle.

Desimal - Afterlife

Enjoy the tune, and R.I.P Desimal.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Thought I would share a few of the mixes we have really been enjoying lately, theres a range of styles here so enjoy.

First up incase anyone missed it, the Kiss FM set with Hatcha & Doctor P! This was on Kiss FM last month and I've been rinsing it ever since, some grimey beats on here.

Hatcha & Doctor P - Kiss FM 09/12/09

Secondly a mix from Russian producer Faib. With a mix of chilled and raw sounding dubstep, this is definitely an artist to watch, cheers to Hush House for the hook up on this one.

Faib - Worn Out Places Mix

Now if you don't feel like relaxing and are more on a Jump-Up tip, we got a massive DnB mix dropped last April, from DJ Ruffstuff with Harry Shotta on the MC ! Big.

Harry Shotta & DJ Ruffstuff - Hurricane Season Bars

Finally if your more into the fidget scene, got a slightly older mix here from Foamo, incase you didn't catch it first time round! Big up The Fat Club. Bouncy Fidget beats from the word go!

Foamo - Kiss 100 Mix


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Interview: Rollz

If you have been out to any DnB lately, you probably would have heard some of Rollz beats tearing the place up! After being a fan for a little while, and seeing his tunes get better and better, we are pleased to present an interview with the DnB heavyweight... Rollz!

GYD: So first up, how's things in the world of Rollz?

Rollz: Good good, nye rush over, now back to the studio to keep things moving!

GYD: How long have you been listening to electronic music for, and was it always DnB you loved, or did you start off with something else?

Rollz: I've always loved electronic music, ever since I can remember buying cds. I used to listen to it all really, garage, hardcore, trance, hard house and the sorts, although it was only when I stumbled into one of Fabio and Grooverider's nights at the end as an underage raver I got the DnB bug!

GYD: So when did you start producing your own beats, and what really influenced you to start adding to the scene in your own way?

Rollz: I've been producing seriously (we're talking everyday business) for about three years, but I’ve been playing about for longer. I just used to find my self always thinking up ideas for tunes and remixes, and some of the drum and bass coming out at the time was really inspiring to me.

GYD: You're getting a lot of attention at the moment, especially getting 'Plugged In' rinsed by loads of big DJ's, and being played on Radio 1 by Grooverider. How does that feel, really getting your tunes off the ground?

Rollz: Yea its great to finally come out the other side, I've been keeping my head down working hard on the engineering side of things recently and really didn’t know what to expect when we sent my first few bits out to djs. I find I get really critical about my beats and it's great to get a few signs your on the right track (I didn't want to send plugged in out!). You're your own worst critic and I didn't want people to hear my music until It was at a decent standard, but now I’m approaching that it's great to have the freedom to be actually able to write what you want without the engineering side of things holding you back. With respect to Plugged in and the media attention, its been really flattering and I can't believe some of the radio 1 djs that have picked it up, but it's only one tune and the pressure's on now to make sure the next release builds on this!

GYD: Who influences you, production wise in Drum n Bass?

Rollz: I can honestly say that I’ve been influenced by all the big hitters at some time or another in Drum and Bass, but I like to listen to all sorts of electronic music so that must have influenced me as well. I like to write the whole spectrum of drum and bass, from liquid to dancefloor so my influences can be quite broad at times!

GYD: Have you got any more productions in the works?, I think we are all looking for new Rollz beats to enjoy!

Rollz: I'm just getting started, but it's up to my label now when the beats get sent out. I’m sure my next batch of tracks will be floating around within the next few months!

GYD: Random one, who's you're favourite Nintendo character?

Rollz: Got to be Ryu - Huduken!!

GYD: Cheers for the interview, any final words for the readers?

Rollz: Just thanks to anyone who’s taken time out to listen to my music!

Big up to Rollz, for those who might not have heard him, here's a video of 'Plugged In' destroying Matter in London, getting dropped by High Contrast as his last tune!

Send him some love at the Myspace and Facebook! 'Plugged In' is set to get a release in Jan / Feb, so watch out for that.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Why Don't You?

Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You? (Kovu Refix)

Yet another exclusive from Kovu, who recently seems to be churning out remixes like there's no tomorrow. Starting out slow, with a very 50's feel on the synths and vocals, the bass soon kicks in. Keeping a lot of the original tune in, this is definitely on for the collection.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Introducing: Deep Focus

So those who have been reading for a while will know I'm a big fan of deep / liquid Drum n Base. One of my favourite up-coming producers of the moment has got to be Deep Focus, and I'm pleased to have a couple of his tunes to share with you here, as well as some free downloads. Originally from Shrewsbury but now living in London, where he moved for the music scene! We asked him a few questions to see what he's all about:

GYD: So how long have you been producing for?

Deep Focus: I've been producing for just over a year now, but spent a lot of time writing for various bands while i was a teenager. Producing electronic music has very much been a new venture for me.

GYD: That's cool, as lot of people seem to move from bands into production. Who's influencing you to produce at the moment?

Deep Focus: Tough question that, I listen to so many different genres it's hard to say, I'm massively into Alix Perez' sound at the moment, especially the 1984 album, some amasing production on there, and Moderat's album is incredible aswell, been listening to that a lot. The soundtrack to the film 'Moon' has had a big impact as well recently to be fair.

Anyway, on to the most important part - the music. One of my favourite bits by him 'Breathe' takes me to another place.. a low soothing bass with those drums, well I'll let the tune speak for itself.

Another one of his tracks, Truth.

Then we have a track avaliable for download called Empty. Proper minimal intro that kicks in to some almost hypnotic drums on the drop, definitely one to chill and enjoy on some good headphones / speakers.

Deep Focus - Empty

You can also hear Deep Focus in the mix on the Liquicity Podcasts, where he showcases a load of up-coming talent in this genre. You can download and listen to the postcasts below.

Deep Focus - Liquicity Podcast

Deep Focus has a remix of 'Joman - Static' on Velcro City Records in early February. 'Complete' coming out very soon on a BIG compilation from Black Reign Recordings thats set to be sick, as well as a few more releases in the bag. Also keep watch for his EP's which should be out in the first quater of 2010!

Definitely one to watch in this scene, keep locked to the Myspace and Youtube for new bits from him, and keep watch here, 'cause we are gonna be keeping a close eye!