Monday, 18 January 2010

Circus Records Comp!

The Voscillate remix competition from Circus Records has had the winner announced!

Contrats to Roksonix who won the comp, and will be seeing his remix dropped on digital release.

Flux Pavillion put together this mix of his favourite competition entries, a shout out to our boy Johnny Global who came up as a runner up! We also have Johnny Globa's competition entry to offer in 320!

Flux Pavillion - Voscillate Remix Competition mix

Flux Pavillion - Voscillate (Johnny Global Remix)

Tracklist for mix:

Rumblejazz Remix
Johny Global Remix
Mindflow Remix w/Lakey Remix
Roxsonix Remix (WINNER)
ODJbox Remix
StinkahBell Remix
Dave Dialect Remix
Graphics Remix
Flux Pavilion's Original
Milez Remix

Listen to the winning remix here:



  1. You can get the free odjbox remix of it here

  2. the winner's track is filthy!!!!!!