Monday, 31 May 2010

Why Are You On This Island?

So I havn't been about to do a post for a little while.. so got one here packed with a bunch of dope tunes I've been listening to lately.

Heard one of this guys tunes, and after a bit more looking found this absolutely deep track that's been made available for download. Those beeping sounds are doin it for me.. hopefully something you guys enjoy too:

Why Are You On This Island? by cosineiow

And another from him: (Edit: This one is deeeeep)

Ice Caps by cosineiow

There's a load more from him on the soundcloud so be sure to check that out here. After this weekend I've had enough loud fast and angry music to last me for a little while, so if you are also on the deep vibes.. check this emotional vocal remix by Enigma:

KT - Under My Skin (Enigma Chillin With The Cello's Mix) by EnigmaDubz

So I guess some of you are looking for some harder stuff.. if that's what you are after you should grab this new free bit from KOAN Sound.. Interesting stuff but not sure if I can really vibe to that beat! Check it for yourself.

Can You Hear Us??? (Free download) by KOAN Sound


Sunday, 30 May 2010


Apologies about the lack of posts lately, been a busy weekend.. more fresh beats coming soon. Keep locked!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

We Save Lives

Just found this vip while browsing dubstep forum, and found it pretty interesting. With some pretty nice production, it's got a dope weird little vibe too it, check it out for yourself, and check the We Save Lives tshirts from Artek here..

We Save Lives VIP by Artekular

This next ones not a download but definitely worth a listen. Should be standard by now to check out anything with Jack Dixons name on it, and this one is a deep roller, forthcoming on the collab EP with Robin Card.

Jack Dixon & Robin Card - Leave by jackdixon


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Kylesa - Scapegoat (Mustard Pimp Remix)

Absolute mad remix from Mustard Pimp, if you are on the glitchy, bouncey tip then this might be for you: Free download on the soundcloud.

Kylesa - Scapegoat (Mustard Pimp Remix) by mustard pimp

Princess (Vocal Mix)

MJ Cole just dropped the vocal mix of Princess on us for free download.. If you havn't been following the blog for long, I'm a massive fan of MJ Cole's productions and this again is sick stuff!

Theres another new track on his soundcloud too worth checking out !

Primary 1 "Princess" - MJ Cole Vocal Mix by MJ Cole

Enjoy, and if your on facebook / twitter / myspace hit us up on the links at the top left.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Future Beats

Big man in the DnB world Doc Scott just uploaded this mix to his soundcloud. Entitled 'Future Beats Vol. 1' this is an interesting listen and there are some absolute tunes in here too! Download on the soundcloud.

DOC SCOTT : FUTURE BEATS VOL.1 by docscott31

Then as I was browsing soundcloud heard this little track, it's a pure vibey chilled out tune, so don't get on this one if you are looking to skank out..

Nebbia - Melting by nightjar

Been kinda a 'future' themed post today so if you are into the garage side of this, check out Submerse. Some top production, 'For the Future' is doing it for me, that second drop is fire!

For The Future by submerse

Finally, meant to post this when the uploaded it, but never got round to it! Dark-Sky upped a new bit to their soundcloud. They are smashin' it right now.

High Rise Clip by Dark Sky

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Get Darker TV 47: Distance, Cyrus, Darkside

So this was the 'History of Dubstep' set, and I can't beleive I missed watching it, but you can see it replayed at the link below, and grab an audio download of it as well. Definitely worth checking out heavy tracks get dropped from the word go. Cyrus has got mad selection!

Get Darker TV 47: Distance, Cyrus, Darkside (Audio Download)

Posted the tracklist in a comment

Summer Vibes from DC Music

So the sun has been shining and time for some summer vibes riddims! This chillin dubstep track just got dropped into the inbox, and it's a roller! With some sweet piano melodies and those great synths, this is definitely a dope track to get for free!

When Everything Is Over (Free Download - Message for 320) by DC Music

When Everything Is Over - DC Music (320)


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Most Potent Blend

Diplo and Tiesto have linked to create an absolute banger? Yeah i didn't believe it either but its true.

Tiesto, god of trance, multiple sell out tours, radio host and producer from the heart of the Netherlands
Diplo, badboy American houser, dj and producer, and one half of the biggest duo of 2009 Major Lazer

Excited yet?

Europe meets the Americas in this beat, which isn't a straight up trancer as you might think by just seeing the name Tiesto, in fact its a bangin fusion of electro house where Diplos and Tiestos music tastes have both been reflected.

Without any further a do, check it out here!

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Daily Street: 001 Oneman

So The Daily Street have launched their mixtape series off to a good start, with Oneman on the vocal UK Garage mix ! This is some proper summer garage vibes, featuring tracks old and new, for me this is exactly what I'm feeling at the moment!

The Daily Street Mixtape 001: Oneman

001: Oneman by The Daily Street

1. Mutiny – Bliss (ft Mary Joy)
2. Operator & Baffled – Things Are Never
3. Baffled – Going On
4. El-Tuff Project – Drive Me Crazy
5. Abstrac & Lady Penelope – 10 Times A Day
6. Baffled – I Believe In You
7. James Lavonz – Vibration
8. Dub Syndicate – I Need Your Love (MJ Cole Mix)
9. DND – Pick Me Up (Sounds Of Now Mix)
10. Goldie – Believe (MJ Cole Vocal Mix)
11. Crazy Bank – Your Love (Chris Mac Mix)
12. Basement Jaxx – You Can’t Stop Me (Stephen Emmanuel Remix)
13. D.E.A Project – Music Hypnotizing
14. Second Protocol – More Amoure
15. Ruffcut & Julius – Smells Some Green (Version)
16. Red Or Dred – How I Feel (After Hours Dub)
17. Colour Girl – Joyrider (Y-Tribe Vocal Mix)
18. D.E.A vs De-Front – Untitled
19. El-B vs J-Da Flex – When I Fall In Love

Concrete Cut

Here's a little preview of a release coming form new Polish label Concrete Cut. These guys are looking to be putting out some top notch releases at the end of May, the first being HDD / Hello Molly. My favourite of the two 'HDD' keeps it dark and hard while keeping a pretty fresh sound, here it is anyway

LIQUID MOLLY - HDD by Concrete Cut

Next Graphics dropped this one into our inbox from his soundcloud. An official remix of Oxford Band Picturehouse collab with Mr ShaoDow. Definitely a more relaxing one. Enjoy the free download.

Picturehouse feat. Mr ShaoDow - Rolling Blackouts (Graphics Remix) by Graphics

Another preview here of a release from Glitch-Hop badaman Inaudible. This is large, just listen for yourself! Be sure to buy the release if you enjoy it.

Freddy Todd - Thug Tastic (inaudible remix) by inaudible

Finally I got this remix from Iskream Social, which not only remixes Massive Attack, but samples other tunes as well, which in my opinion makes for a pretty interesting listen! Stream and download at the link below, drop a comment with your opinions.

Paradise Circus (iSkream Social Remix)


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tek-One - Break Me Down [Alternate Version]

Just saw this on the hush youtube and had to quickly repost !

Boy 8-Bit Essential + More

Got a big post for you today! First up can't ignore the Boy-8 Bit on the essential mix! With a fruity tracklist as you would expect.

Boy 8-bit Essential Mix (Rapidshare) (Stream)


01. Boy 8-Bit — The Blood Tide [White]
02. Aleem — Get Loose Dub [NIA]
03. Eli Escobar — Glass House [Plant Music]
04. Patrick Turner — Planets Align [Inversus Records]
05. DJ Sprinkles — Grandcentral Pt 1 (MCDE Remix Dub) [Endless Flight]
06. Ali Love — Love Harder (Jokers of The scene Unreleased Remix) [White]
07. Gui Boratto — The Glam [Kompakt]
08. Kolombo — Acai [Boxer Recordings]
09. Liz Cirelli — Ultraviolet [LouLou]
10. Kaiser Souzai — Altocumulus Floccus (Piemont Remix) [Yellow Tail]
11. Visti & Meyland — All Night Long (Trentemoller Remix) [Eskimo]
12. Justin Martin — Get Low [Dirty Bird]
13. Diamond K — Damn Track [White]
14. Boy 8-Bit — Tropical Heat [White]
15. Mele — Bombay (Nadastrom Remix) [Mixpak]
16. DJ Will Roc — Twilight Zone [Unruly]
17. Zombie Disco Squad — The Duke Sound [Made To Play]
18. Footsteps — Worker [White]
19. Detroit Grand Pubahs — Sandwedges (Unknown Mix) [White]
20. Ron Hardy — Sensation (Obi Blanche Remix) [White]
21. Carte Blanche — Black Billionaires [Ed Banger]
22. Alan Fitzpatrick — Green Light [Tokio]
23. Boy 8-Bit — Yard Birds [Turbo]
24. Boy 8-Bit — The Keep [This is Music]
25. Boy 8-Bit — Baltic Pine (Roy Apron Dub) [White]
26. Ink & Needle — Thirteen [Tattoo]
27. Bookashade Vs Mandy — Donut (Boy 8-Bit Remix) [Living the Dream]
28. Boy 8-Bit — An Impending Sense Of Doom [White]
29. MMM — Nous Sommes [MMM]
30. Pig & Dan — Terminate [Cocoon]
31. Leftfield — Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix) [Hard Hands]
32. Thomas Schumacher — Red Purple [Spiel-zeug Schallplatten]
33. Joe and Will Ask? — The Rusty Pig [Gulp]
34. Florence and The Machine — Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit remix) [White]
35. Yousef — Come Home [Cocoon]
36. Josh One — Contemplation (King Britt Remix — Mat Playford Edit) [Social Problem]
37. Rodriguez Jr. — Pandora [Leena Music]

Next up another Mix, this time we're taking it back to last year. I've been rinsing everything on MJ-Coles soundcloud, and just wanted to reminisce about his mixes and tracks, so found this Mix for Bodytonic from June 2009. Definitely worth picking up. Big vibes here..

Bodytonic Mix 39: MJ-Cole (Right Click-Save As) (Stream)

While we are the garage path, Kovu sent us over what is definitely my favourite production from him so far ! Massive props for this one, you can see his production skills increasing with each tune. Best of all he's giving it out for free, so download and get your step on! Rude track.

Work This City (Kovu Garage Remix) - Body Language by Kovu

Enjoy, much more to come in the future!

Friday, 14 May 2010


I posted this tune a while back but the full HQ upload is about on youtube now; play it at 720. This album is the one I'm looking forward to more than any.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Loefah - Just A Beat

Today the mighty Loefah uploaded this heavy heavy beat for us on to his soundcloud.. for free!

This is Loefah, I don't need to say any more.

Loefah - Just A Beat (mp3)

Loefah - Just A Beat (Wav)

Oh shit !


The Cheshire EP

If you are a fan of the whole Rottun Recordings sound, you will probably be interested in the new Cheshire EP.

Cheshire is keeping the production varied in the whole 'filthy' side of dubstep, here's one of the tunes from the forthcoming EP:

How low - The Cheshire EP by Cheshire


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Woodler Summer Mix

Just heard this, some tight mixing and a nice selection of wobbly bass music for you.

Angry Somalian Summer Mix by Woodler

Been A Long Time

Heard this a little while ago but only just clocked on it was a free download!

2-Bit Thugs bring the bouncy, wobbly, breaks beats and I'm feelin it..

2 Bit Thugs - Been A Long Time by 2 Bit Thugs

Enjoy the download

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Star Wars

Don't take this post too seriously. In fact don't take it seriously in any way.

Doctor P - Sweet Shop (Bosh's Use The Force Remix) by Bosh

Hahahahha! big up bosh. Also it's worth checking out the 'Inside My Love' Remix by him, much more relaxing I enjoyed that too.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Princess Flood

Oh my god! MJ Cole gets me every time:

Primary 1 "Princess" MJ Cole DUBB by MJ Cole


Wasn't going to add this in then listened to it all the way through, that end section was too much for me!

The Flood RMX by jakwob

HeavyFeet ft. Jenna G - War

Yes Yes! HeavyFeet are coming through with the goods now! These guys have impressed me before and as soon as I saw Jenna G on the vocals I had to check it out.

Sweet 2-step beat with the quality of vocals you have probably come to expect from Jenna G, although not just on this genre! The original mix has been given out for free in 320, and the Club Mixes are avaliable to buy on Beatport here!

HeavyFeet ft. Jenna G - War - Stamp! Beats 2010 by HeavyFeet

[Download] HeavyFeet ft. Jenna G - War

Buy Club Mixes on Beatport Here.

Big up to HeavyFeet for these big free tunes.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Breakage Essential Mix!

So one of my favourite producers in dubstep and DnB, Breakage hits the essential mix.

Everyone should be familiar with Breakage's work, and should know what to expect! Deep stuff.

Essential Mix 501: Breakage (Stream)


Rub A Dub Dub are back

As the title says, the blog Rub-A-Dub-Dubbb are back in action and I'm glad to see it!

big ups

Saturday, 1 May 2010


So recently, one of my favourite Youtube Channels 'Zyblot' got shut down for promoting a track that wasn't cleared for upload! Hate it when that happens, as all he was doing was trying to promote the artist. But anyway, he's back on his other channel, DnBasik.

Check it here for some top Drum n Bass uploads, ranging from deep/minimal vibes to neurofunk.

A couple of examples of the quality you will find on the channel:


Download that last one here, along with a bunch of other tunes.

Enjoy, and long live DnBasik ;)