Friday, 21 May 2010

Future Beats

Big man in the DnB world Doc Scott just uploaded this mix to his soundcloud. Entitled 'Future Beats Vol. 1' this is an interesting listen and there are some absolute tunes in here too! Download on the soundcloud.

DOC SCOTT : FUTURE BEATS VOL.1 by docscott31

Then as I was browsing soundcloud heard this little track, it's a pure vibey chilled out tune, so don't get on this one if you are looking to skank out..

Nebbia - Melting by nightjar

Been kinda a 'future' themed post today so if you are into the garage side of this, check out Submerse. Some top production, 'For the Future' is doing it for me, that second drop is fire!

For The Future by submerse

Finally, meant to post this when the uploaded it, but never got round to it! Dark-Sky upped a new bit to their soundcloud. They are smashin' it right now.

High Rise Clip by Dark Sky

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