Monday, 31 May 2010

Why Are You On This Island?

So I havn't been about to do a post for a little while.. so got one here packed with a bunch of dope tunes I've been listening to lately.

Heard one of this guys tunes, and after a bit more looking found this absolutely deep track that's been made available for download. Those beeping sounds are doin it for me.. hopefully something you guys enjoy too:

Why Are You On This Island? by cosineiow

And another from him: (Edit: This one is deeeeep)

Ice Caps by cosineiow

There's a load more from him on the soundcloud so be sure to check that out here. After this weekend I've had enough loud fast and angry music to last me for a little while, so if you are also on the deep vibes.. check this emotional vocal remix by Enigma:

KT - Under My Skin (Enigma Chillin With The Cello's Mix) by EnigmaDubz

So I guess some of you are looking for some harder stuff.. if that's what you are after you should grab this new free bit from KOAN Sound.. Interesting stuff but not sure if I can really vibe to that beat! Check it for yourself.

Can You Hear Us??? (Free download) by KOAN Sound


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