Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I think i'm turning Japanese..

If your feelin the movements of genre which was once known as "house" but can now mean virtually anything with a bpm from 126-134 then you should have already heard about Marco Giuliani, otherwise known as Last Japan or if your right on it then one half of The Brockout. The first i heard of him was the dark wobbly remix of Foamo's Wardance a while back and i thought i'd email him a couple of questions as he's the kind of producer thats gonna enjoy 2010!

This is what he had to say..

1. Where you from and how has it influenced your music taste?

I live in a place called Sutton which is just south of London. I would say that where im from has influenced my taste in music much, mainly the influence of other people, (friends and family) that has shaped my style in music that i make and listen to.

2. How did you get into DJin/producing?

Im doing a degree production at ACM so its just escalated from there really, DJing came from the fact that i needed to promote my music, and also because i enjoy it!

3. Where have you most enjoyed performing (either venue or country)?

Shake Dat Ass @ Nouveau Casino has been my best gig so far the venue is amazing and the people in France go crazy!

4.Whats your favourite genre/scene is right now and why?

I don't really know what to pigeonhole the genre of music im into, but i really love what Redlight and Buraka Som Sistema, are doing! Im really getting into the tropical vibes which are coming across in my music as Last Japan and The Brockout. Redlights style is really rubbing off on me at the moment so im working hard to try and put my own spin on it. Its fast paced (130 - 138bpm) energetic and main room party music!

5. Where you at currently musicwise?

Collaborating with people! I've just done a track with Ajapai, and there's lots of other artists in the pipeline that will feature on my album. I think its important to involve other aspects of music to keep people interested, i've made enough instrumentals!

6. What do you have planned for the rest of 2010?

2010, Album, Lots touring, The Brockout and producing for other artists

So alot to look forward to!

If you haven't yet heard any of his work as either Last Japan or The Brockout i have a small but tasty selection that he has kindly sent over for you all to see for yourselves that this man means business!

Last Japan:
Pull it! (Last Japan Remix) - Shystie
Wardance (Last Japan Remix) - Foamo
Calm Down (Last Japan 'Slow Down' Edit) - AC Slater

The Brockout:
Shake Down - The Brockout

If your liking what your hearing then you can follow his movements on:

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