Sunday, 14 March 2010

Beenie Man - Dude (TLGB Remix)

Whoa now! This Remix from TLGB dropped into my inbox 2 days ago, so little late posting but it's a seriously dope remix. Love those clicky drums and vocals.

The whole sound of this remix is fresh.. top production from TLGB.

Beenie Man - Dude (TLGB Remix)

Also he's just dropped a 'Rough and Rumble' March mix, which is available now, check the exclusive TLGB bit at the end ;)

TLGB - Rough and Rumble March Mix (Mixcloud Link - With Tracklist)

Good stuff all round.. if you missed it we posted another remix from TLGB a little while ago, was a rework of Kidda's 'Everything Bad is Good for You' you can cop that here.

So respect to TLGB for all the top free tunes, send some love over at the Myspace and Facebook.

More beats on the Soundcloud.


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