Saturday, 7 November 2009

Dannie Darko

If you havn't heard the tunes this guys puttin out before, you are seriously missin out. Mixture of chilled and filthy ones on his soundcloud, heres a few to listen to:

This first one, despite being one of his older tunes, is probably my favourite.. Too chilled out, love to sit back and relax to this one, deep.

Dannie Darko - Without You

Another deep one here, can't get enough of this guys tunes

Dannie Darko - Breeze

One for the dirty heads, you can get a copy of this over at his soundcloud, as the caption says on there, drop him a comment for the link.

Dannie Darko - Who's Gordon

To finish here's another relaxin dub..

Dannie Darko - Clouded

Check out the Soundcloud and the Myspace, show some support.

EDIT: Removed the soundcloud cause it was causing a few problems, download links instead.

Enjoy.. and big up Dannie Darko on the tunes.

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