Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Royal Rumble

It's gonna be a pretty filthy post today..

First up we got the new exclusive from Johnny Global, a huge DnB tune, not your usual jump up banger, but with his signature sound, with those high notes and dark feeling sound, in my opinion one of his best productions..

Johnny Global - Royal Rumble

Next up we have an absolutely disgusting dub remix, starting off with your eerie piano music, before dropping into something that's probably gonna kill you if you turn the volume up too loud.

Horse The Band - Rape Escape (DMNDAYS Remix)

And finally a straight Jump up DnB tune, if this dosn't get you shockin out I don't know what will.. From a talented but unsigned producer Milowy, send him some support at the myspace.

Milowy - Joka

Enjoy the filth...

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