Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One For The Metal Headz

This is one of the most innovative tunes i have ever come by. Never before did i think i would ever see a heavy metal tune jacked up to this magnitude. This one is a beast, it keeps the eerie, uneasy whining and the thunder during the build-up and then thrusts the original guitar riff followed by some megga jackin' straight into your bewildered face. I used to be a metal head i must admit, i remember coppin this tune on CD! How things change.
Incase you aint noticed, the name of the tune is slightly different to what Slayer originally called it, dunno why this is but this could be the closest I'll ever get to an intense remix of Slayer so for now lets just low it and ENJOY!

FnDannyBoy - Raining Blood

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