Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jackin' The Ripper

Greg Sutton - Jackin' The Ripper Mix

Recently got sent this filthy fidget house mix by Birmingham local Greg Sutton. Literally jam packed with wobbly basslines and glitchy synths, this is definitely not one to chill down to.

Here's a small clip from the last Night Slugs aswell. The latest remix by London's finest L-Vis 1990, and it maybe the one tune I'm looking forward to owning the most. Gutter house is definitely on the rise, and L-vis and BokBok will be at the forefront when it does.


  1. Did you guys get my mail about Dubliss Nipplestep? If not please give me an addy that i can forward it to. Its definetly in ur best interests, huuuge tune.

    Let me know

    reply here or hit me up at

  2. l-vis remix is massssiiiiveee !!