Thursday, 5 November 2009


Here's a nice free tune from The Prototype of Test Pilot Music. With a vocal sample everyone should know, but this time with a dubstep / reggae vibe about it...

The Prototype - Send Him by TestPilotMusic

If you havn't heard that much of The Prototype before, here's a post from their website about a remix he'd done for a competition, which I really like the sound of, check it out Here.

Next up we got a fresh DnB tune from Shellshock that he kindly sent over. It just won him 1st place in the Inspectors Drum n Base competition, and deservedly so, is a top tune from an upcoming producer, keep your eyes on him!

Shellshock - Volts

Finally got a whole free remix EP of "Autopilot - She Says"
Some really sick remixes here, much more on the chilled side of dubstep, Congratz to Rdubz for winning, also recommend the HxdB, Vishnu and Clueless remixes. Cop all 7 tunes below.

Autopilot - She Says (Remix EP)




    the rest of the she says remix's ;)

  2. posted comment before I clicked the link my bad!!

  3. Thanks for the mention guys =] Awesome stuff. We like your blog!

  4. Just postin the tunes we enjoy.. keep it up!