Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dublilss Nipplestep - EXCLUSIVE

I don't know what they are feeding producers over in South Africa, whatever it is though i want a slice, this tune is absolutely massive. I was sceptical about posting this for a couple of reasons, its fast, its very choppy and its very different, literally like nothing i'd ever heard before. This tune exceeds all boundaries of genre and style, its like dubstep on coke, and its fucking brilliant. Not to mention the sample is absolutely epic. Big up to my man Dre Fedele for sending this one over. Another reason i've decided to post this one is because this producer needs to be hyped and if they can't be bigged up at, where can they be?

Don't forget, this is an exclusive one, do NOT miss out on this sucka.

Dublilss Nipplestep - Requiem For A Dub

Turn the sub up and draw for the gun fingaaazzz

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