Sunday, 5 September 2010


Some updates on our boy Kovu!

We have been followin this man from day 1 and only seen him grow and grow on the producing talent, so here's what he's been up to lately:

First up, collab with Artek

Suddenly [Preview] - Kovu & Artek by Kovu

Then here's a little suttin' from Kovu on the solo tip lately, one of a few new bits upped to the soundcloud, what I'm really feeling from this producer is the fact that he's swapping up each and every track to something fresh.. and the production is still tight!

Kovu - Long Distance by Kovu

Now here's the latest remix preview.. Gold Dust is a tune that in my opinion is hard to touch, and from the intro I wasn't 100% on this one either, but give it a chance and if you are into that kinda bouncy vibe, you could well be feeling this!

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Kovu Remix) by Kovu

Finally cop the September Promo Mix on free download:

Kovu - September Promo Mix by Kovu

Big up man like Kovu... Peace