Monday, 28 September 2009

One More Chance

Link Removed At Artists Request

Thought i'd share this remix I found whilst browsing my home away from home, The Dubstep Forum. Feeling this track a lot, as it's more the type of dubstep I personally like, mellow and chilled out, but don't be fooled, this track packs a deep low end wobble sure enough to tear your sub apart !

-Link Removed-

Yet another chilled tune, by one of dubstep leading dj's, Caspa. This one was given away free by NME magazine, who gave away one of dubestp's biggest tunes of the year, In For The Kill. Caspa has really wored his magic on this one, melodic synths and drums and of course his signature heeeaavy bassline.

-Link Removed-

Although slightly old now, this tune deserves a lot of recognition. If you haven't heard this yet then get on it now, Joker is killing it right now !

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