Monday, 10 January 2011

Wasn't It ?

Got a few tracks that I have been enjoying, mostly on the garage side of things some cool new bits from Skream.

First up from 8th Note.. a big track which is out in Feb - Wasn't It

8th Note - Wasn't It? - (Forthcoming Feb 2011) by 8th Note

Then from Skream.. a producer who can only be respected for the amount of top tracks he has put out, and this bleepy atmospheric tune is just showing his diversity:


Finally a track from BrownNoise that I think has a sick vibe to it! deep one.. smoke and enjoy!

Precious by BrownNoise


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  1. yo i know you like phaeleh, but i think you might have missed a free christmas giveaway by him, cos i assume you'd have posted it if you had seen it, cos it's fuckin sick
    sorry if you'd seen it already