Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Controlling the Groove

Bang! we are now in the summer months, fair enough, the weather has still been up and down but holidays are booked, exams are nearly over, chavs are piling their pushchairs, mcdonalds and footballs into the park and oh yeah.. the world cup is AGWARNNNN!

To conincide with the start of the summer stretch Black Noise have released a tasty little 45 minute mix!

what better way to celebrate the return of beautiful summer than opening your windows, turning on your speakers and banging this mother of a mix out to your neighbours and bbq mandem!
i know ill be listening to this all the way through into september!

So without further a do download this badboy mix right here:

Black Noise - Control the Groove mix

tracklisting is as follows:

kid kenobi -breakers revenge- dcup remix
wizards sleeve -get down tonight accapella (exclusive)
tom piper & destroy disco - bender - (nom de strip remix )
temple of boom -definition of
sam young feat aphletik -hee - sam rockwell mix
crookers - we love animals - keith and supabeatz remix - southern fried
gorillaz - superfast jelly fish - evil nine remix
black noise - control the groove - (exclusive)
cassius 99 - reset! remix
will bailey and punk rolla - kata - simma records
wizards sleeve - me plus you accpella
hatiras - spaced invader - nom de strip remix
black noise - speaker buster - (exclusive)
the future heads - heartbeat song - black noise remix
lars moston - so sick - nick supply re boot
will bailey - hit da club - calvertron remix - simma
heavy feet - saving me - black noise remix

as you can see some of these tracks are rare! tons of suprises to be had!

For those with revision on the cards, best of luck.
For those who are supporting England, best of luck, your gonna need it!
And for those who like bigboi electronic music.. look no further than this mix!

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