Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dub Zero

This is one for the Jump Up heads, Dub Zero just dropped a new studio mix, with an absolutely dope tracklist. He's is really shaping up to be a big player in the scene with the tracks and mixes he is putting out!

Dub Zero - Feb Studio Mix

Tantrum Desire & Cabbie - Failure To Engage (Technique Dub)
Harvest - Wild Bunch (Nam Dub)
Tantrum Desire - No Air Remix (??? Dub)
Brockie - Aimed At You - Pleasure Remix (Undiluted Dub)
Manga - GoodBye Remix (Cyntax Error Dub)... See more
Guv - Money Riddim (Dub Damage Dub)
Darrision - Life - Erb N Dub Remix (??? Dub)
Will I Aint - Fighter (Krunk Audio Dub)
Manga - World Of Manga (??? Dub)
Hoax - Muscle (Motion Sensor Dub)
Rusty - Wild Bull V.I.P (Promo Audio Dub)
Rollz - V8 (Formation Dub)
Reaperz - Stop Me Remix (??? Dub)
Vast - Get Busy (??? Dub)
Hoax - Be The Music (Motion Sensor Dub)
Erb N Dub Nu Elements - The Thing (??? Dub)


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