Sunday, 7 February 2010

Pull Up

So been chatting to Australian producer Filth Collins and checking out some of his up-coming bangers! He's got a few bits forthcoming on Crossroads and Double Drop Recordings, he's one to watch. He sent over this beat for free, enjoy it!

-Link for Pull up removed for release-

Another track of his which I'm really feeling at the moment 'Hold Tight' which is forthcoming on Crossroads. This one is big.

Filth Collins - Hold Tight by Filth Collins


Next up is a great DnB remix from DC Breaks, of Rox's tune 'My Baby Left Me'. It's a sweet little remix although the warping sound is getting a little re-used lately, but it's still a large one. Shout out to The Fat Club for this one.

Rox - My Baby Left Me (DC Breaks Remix)


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