Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rihanna - Rudeboy (TC Remix)

TC seems to be loving the mainstream remixes at the moment. I've got mixed feelings on this because while it's good to get underground music out to the masses, a lot of the time this ends up with the underground genre that we loved before being watered down to fit with what will do well in the mainstream, and the production quality seems to go down..

Drop your thoughts in a comment..



  1. not feeling it one bit,you got it spot on.i hate to sound elitist but underground sounds need to stay underground and i use chase & status as the epitome of why that should be - previous productions were great,people who knew them before went off them a bit when the sound got a bit more mainstream and then the only big riddim they make for a while gets sold to rihanna -it's a betrayal of pricinciples, especially when 'bits' was getting rinsed by the likes of hatcha and loefah,two massive players in the game and yet they decided to sell it on for more money and less credibibility.disgrace really..

  2. Oh man...what's up with the Rihanna remixes lately?